I always love seeing what other people eat throughout the day.

Sometimes it gives me some great new ideas to keep me on track or find a new healthy obsession to stuff my face with. Thought it might fun to start sharing what Logan and I eat in a typical day. The hardest part about having a little one and trying to stay on track it with my own eating plan is resisting the urge to eat all his leftovers. Logan sometimes is a great eater, and sometimes he takes a few bites and then says all done…I find myself almost having two meals some days because his scraps somehow find their way in to my mouth. So annoying.


Here’s what our day of food included.

I start my day of with an pre-crack of dawn workout, we’re talking 4:30 am, and I make sure that I’ve got my pre-workout ready to go, along with a snack to fuel my workout.


Rehydrate, Spark, and Arginine Extreme get a little shake-shake-shake.
2 egg whites and a handful of blueberries are eaten in the car on the way to the gym [forgot to take a picture].

After the gym when I get home I grab a handful of almonds.


Chocolate oatmeal with eggwhites, melted banana, and some blueberries with a little dollop of peanut butter
Hot Tea


Logan had a scrambled egg with cheese, banana, and mini whole wheat blueberry muffins



Handful of almonds
Coffee blended with ice and 1/2 scoop of protein powder

Logan snacked on some raisins and granola bar on our drive home from Gymboree


Salad, like a big one!! Spinach, black beans, brown rice, roasted red bell pepper, roasted chicken


Logan was being super picky for lunch and would only eat some turkey with pretzels and string cheese, along with a fruit squeeze pouch



Protein shake for me

Orange slices for Logan


Cooked up some Tilapia with ginger/lime/garlic, served with roasted cabbage salad and a sweet tater


Little open faced black bean/avocado quesadilla for little man with some tilapia and veggies on the side


I try to do my best to make sure that Logan and I both have well balanced meals and that we cover all our food groups.

Since this is my first time doing a post like this I missed pictures of our snacks, so I’ll try to do a little better next week. But, I’d love to hear your thoughts, is this something you want to see more of on the blog? And if you have a little one, what are some yummy meals you feed them, I’m always looking for something new to introduce Logan to. Share your meals with me on Instagram using the #chooseu hashtag!



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