17 weeks

October 2, 2015


How I’m Feeling: Well I’d like to say that my energy is coming back, which I think it is, but this week we’re tackling potty training and it’s been good, but hard and exhausting. Logan is also going through a sleep regression or something. He’s not going to bed til 9:30 [even though we start at 7:30 with our process] and he’s waking up at 6 each morning. I just don’t get it, but it’s making all of us super tired, cranky, and irritable. I also can’t even believe that we’re almost to the half way mark. It just seems so unreal. My nesting phase has shown up waaaaaay early and is making me literally tear apart our house in an effort to clean everything and organize it all. Yesterday I spent two hours decluttering the ridiculous amounts of toys that are taking over my house. Speaking of decluttering — anyone read The Art of Tidying Up? Helpful? I fell like I need to read it right now, with a big ole milkshake. I’m also feeling a little half and half with my body changing. Part of me is just loving every moment of being pregnant and not thinking about the 2nd cookie I just enhaled. The other part of me feels like I need to start watching things a little better and not go crazy with the pregnancy indulgences. Watching your body change is a weird thing, exciting but weird, and can make you think crazy thoughts.

How I’m Changing: The belly — oh the belly — it seems huge for 17 weeks! In looking back at my pregnancy with Logan and then with other people I know at my stage and it’s like DANG, I’m huge. And I really think this week I’m starting to feel some kicks. I wasn’t sure at first, but they’re becoming more consistent and “poppy”. Eeeekkkk. Super thirsty now too, especially right before bed. So, of course I drink a huge glass of water and then am up 10 times at night going pee.  Nausea has started creeping it’s way back in to mu life too, right around 4pm, and I hate it. My sinuses are also bugging the heck out of me. Sniffle here, sniffle there. I can’t breathe but at the same time my nose is running. Thinking it’s time to bust out the humidifier.


What I’m Eating/What I’m Not: Ok, so I have no idea where this one came from but, canned beets are my thing right now. I got home from the store yesterday and almost at half the can for lunch. Quesadillas!! Ketchup and BBQ sauce too are finding there way on to everything. Salads, hallelujah for salads. Oatmeal, protein pancakes, and yogurt are also showing back up and I’m so happy because I missed them. Not in to super sweet things still. But other than that not having any serious aversions.

Total Weight Gained: +7 pounds [starting: 132 – current: 139]
Workouts: Treadmill walking, still doing weighted workouts, and at home prenatal yoga
Sleep: Heavenly
Most Exciting Moment: Kicks
Baby is the Size of a: Turnip
Miss Anything? My patience



Fun Fall Inspired Toddler Activities

October 1, 2015

Even though it’s still 90 degrees here, Logan and I are in full swing of fall inspired activities. Since I’m almost four and a half months pregnant, I’m all about activities that don’t take a whole lot of effort and are still entertaining enough to get Logan excited….aka corn kernel sensory bins are not included […]

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16 weeks

September 25, 2015

How I’m Feeling: This week I’m feeling like an overrun mama. One of the biggest things I’m noticing this week is my serious lack of staying calm. Obviously the hormones are raging right now. But I’m freaking out, like ballistically, over the tiniest things. Lucas was swatting a fly the other day with a fly […]

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What I Ate Wednesday

September 24, 2015

Salad and vegetables and salad and vegetables — they’re so back and I’m soo excited. Although I’m still having fried food cravings and doughnuts every day [please stop me], it feels good to be getting back to the greens! Here’s what I ate today. Pre-workout: 1/2 a rice cake with peanut butter and craisins, Spark, […]

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Slow Cooker [Healthy] Cashew Chicken

September 22, 2015

Sometimes my life gets waaaay too busy. With a toddler on the loose now, taking fancy pictures of my recipes, focusing on spending more time in the kitchen, and preparing new meals kind of falls by the wayside. Now I’m consumed with getting a meal served up before the toddler climbs the pantry for a […]

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Planner 101

September 21, 2015

Welcome to my newest addiction! My PLANNER!! I’ve actually been bonkers for planners for a while. I’m a total list person. Write it down, mark it off. Total happiness. But I like to keep track of other things besides tasks, like appointments, bills that are due, spending, daycare days, and just little reminders throughout the […]

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15 weeks

September 18, 2015

How I’m Feeling: …like I’m loosing my mind, honestly. I feel like my brain is just all over the place right now! My thoughts are being jumbled, when i read Logan books I can’t concentrate on the words, I can’t remember what day it is, or what I did yesterday. I’m just a mess. And […]

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What I Ate Wednesday

September 16, 2015

I’m so excited to say that [for the most part] my food aversions are gone, and I’m kind of back to eating like my old pre-bay belly self. It’s the first week since being pregnant that I actually feel that way. So let’s see what’s on the menu! Pre-workout: 1/2 a rice cake with peanut […]

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Chewy Pumpkin Spice Peanut Butter Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies {Flourless, Butterless}

September 15, 2015

Literally the longest cookie title ever. But it’s not like I could leave any part of that out. When a cookie has pumpkin spice peanut butter in it or cranberries or white chocolate chips or oatmeal, you kind of want to know about it. I mean I guess I could have just but Ultimate Fall […]

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