You know what they say about an apple a day….

Well even though my kids love to eat apples, sometimes it’s fun to jazz them up a little. My current idea of jazzing them up was giving the kids applesauce. I mean, that’s about as jazzy as my life has been these last few months. Until I saw something about changing your apples in to doughnut shaped slices and letting the kids create their own fun little snack.

One “learning” element to this is we could talk about shapes — the circle — and if you varied the circle sizes, it’s almost like a built in kid puzzle. Logan loved helping me cut out the holes to the middle of the apple slices. Then came the fun part, decorating our doughnuts! 

Here’s an idea of some doughnut toppings
For the frosting:
Peanut Butter [or any nut butter]
Cream Cheese
Honey slather

For the toppings:
Dried coconut
Chocolate chips
Chia seeds
Flax seeds
Cereal pieces

I mean, really the options are endless, and that’s what makes this so fun. Being able to just mix and match and then of course the eating! What would you put on your doughnuts?!

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