12 Weeks

August 28, 2015


How I’m Feeling: Tired and nauseous. And that is all. Seriously though, this week I’ve been hit bad with afternoon/evening nausea. It’s horrible because it kicks in right when Logan is waking up from his nap. So his fired up and I’m out for the count. Oh and speaking of naps, I take a nap when Logan does. I always set it on a 40 minute timer, in hopes that when it goes off I’ll feel refreshed and ready to go for the second half of my day…but no…alarm goes off, I turn it off, and pass back out. That afternoon pregnancy slump is just kicking me in the butt. I am starting to feel my uterus growing, when I sit down I already feel like it’s growing up in to my rib cage. Oh and totally feeling the urge to clean everything. Spent two hours in my kitchen yesterday, deep cleaning the fridge and cabinets. Either fall cleaning is setting in or early nesting is taking over.

How I’m Changing: Already mentioned the change if feel in my belly, which is also keeping me from just bending over normally, I feel like I’m already doing the preggers squat down to reach things on the floor. Boobs feel like they’ve totally hit a growth spurt, and don’t even try to get me in to a bra. Loose t-shirts or little sports bra-lettes are the only thing I can handle right now. My patience is like a candle that’s blows out with the tiniest bit of air, but I’m trying to keep it in check and using my words [can you tell I’m trying to be the example to my tantrum throwing toddler] to express myself to Logan. One warning and then a time out has been my lifesaver, and is keeping my crazy monkey [and tempter] on track. All of my clothes are still fitting, of course the belly is getting a little snug, and the booty seems a little bigger, but nothing really noticeable yet.


What I’m Eating/What I’m Not Eating: Eggs!! I feel like I’m a mama chicken, because I just want all the eggs. Tortillas with laughing cow cheese, avocado, mustard, and eggs is all I want to eat right now. And pickles — still cannot get enough of them. Except my BFF text me a picture of Pickle Popcorn at Trader Joe’s and asked me if I wanted some and I seriously almost threw up thinking about that. Gross. Carrots, peaches, and mangos have been delish too. Let’s not even talk about the box of Lucky Charms in my pantry either…or the continuous amounts of Sushi that I keep eating. Still not so much in to veggies, especially spinach, disgusting. No dessert really, expect for Granny’s peach cobbler that we had the other night. If I’m gonna drink water, it has to be in the morning, by the afternoon time my liquids take a huge dive because of my nausea.

Total Weight Gained So Far: 1 lb (starting weight 132, current weight 133) 
Sleep: For the most part sleep is great, I just need like 15 hours of it.  
Most Exciting Moment This Week: 
Getting past the date of when we lost our last baby, Ethan. That’s been weighing on my mind, and now that we’re farther [just by days] I feel so relieved  
Baby is the Size of a: 
Fun Fact:
Bis starting to make a sucking motion with it’s mouth 
Miss Anything? 
Running, tried to run the other day and that was a huge joke. I could barely breathe



What I Ate Wednesday

August 27, 2015

What a weird day of eats for me. Nausea was showing up off and on, so things got kind of boring around here! Pre-workout [not pictured]: 1/2 a rice cake with peanut butter, Spark, and Rehydrate Breakfast: Muscle Gain waffle with some sugar free syrup, greek yogurt, and fruit Morning Snack: two Kroger turkey sausage […]

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August Fabletics

August 25, 2015

I think I have a problem! I am so in love with Fabletics, that I literally count down to the beginning of a new month just because I can’t wait to see what the new month’s clothes are going to be. I’m finding too that the fit of most of my purchases are just what […]

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Baby Conner — Round TWO

August 21, 2015

I shared our big announcement last week with you all, and again our hearts couldn’t be more excited. After loosing our last baby at 12 weeks we are praying hard that this little baby hangs in there and is growing happy and healthy. I’m such a believer in things happening for a reason and that […]

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What I Ate Wednesday

August 20, 2015

I’m bringing it back!!! What I Ate Wednesday…and more so because as a pregnant person, I myself am curious as to what other pregnant people eat in an efforts to not just devour pickle topped pizzas and ranch drizzled popcorn every hour [because that’s secretly what I want to do]. Focusing more so on mostly […]

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Terrible Twos

August 19, 2015

I think it’s happened. The terrible twos have totally taken over our house. And it came in like a hurricane tornado. I’m waiving my BIG white flag, and am so ready to surrender. The scary thing is that some of my friends say that it’s not even the terrible twos anymore, it’s the terrible threes. […]

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Baby Conner due March 2016

August 15, 2015

Three hands in this picture…but soon to be four…we couldn’t be more excited! Little Baby Conner due March 2016 [or leap year day]!

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A Day in the Life

August 5, 2015

Ever wonder what someone else’s day looks like? I do all the time, because I wonder if I can make mine more efficient, or just love being able to take a sneak peek in to someone else’s life. …so here’s a look in to ours 4:30am Alarm goes off, up and at ‘em to get […]

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August 3, 2015

Running around the house before bath time without any clothes on screaming “I naked butt” Me: Logan do you want a peach? Logan: Yesss, I love pie-apple! Me: No, a peach. Logan: Oh yeah, pie-apple. “Look mom, I’m funny” with a sticker on his nose Logan, do you want pizza or mac and cheese? “uuum […]

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