Wellness Wednesday

August 16, 2017

Do you hear those alarms going off? The smell of school bus exhaust in the air?

Yes, that’s the sweet scent of back to school. And sometimes this can be a major yay or a major nay. For me, I have to admit, I’m a little excited to get back in to a more structured day. Did you know that I totally live off structure. Yep, I’m a person who could live in a day planner and just be totally cozy forever and ever.

Since we’re off on the hunt for a new back pack and lunch box for Logan, maybe a few more new shirts to really get the excitement of going back to school happening, that I’d also share with you some fun essential oil products that we’re using to help get us boost our immune system before we step foot back in the germ spreading chaos of classrooms.

We all know that typically the first month of heading back to class has most kids coming home with some type of immunity issue. Whether it’s a little sniffle or big sneezes with lots of kleenex being used up, our kid’s immunity system is also being reintroduced to new things. It’s been on it’s own summer vacation, getting used to only coming in contact with the germs that are in your own home. But now, it’s making new friends, over eating on bacteria pizza, and coming home not wanting to do it’s homework. Can you believe that our immune system is actually trying to say that the dog ate it’s homework!

Well, to kick that immune system back in to high gear, you’ve got to slap that ruler down, and show it that you mean business. The best way to do that is with Thieves! We make a roller, using 10 drops of Thieves and then filling the rest of the 10mL bottle with coconut oil. Each night before bed, I roll this on the kids’ feet and then I also do it in the morning.

Thieves goes in and cleans out those dirty, bad cells, making them happy and working right again! So instead of just buffing the bad cell, or masking the bad cell for a little bit, Thieves is actually getting to the root of it, and clearing it out, so that it doesn’t come back!

I tell ya, since we’ve been using Thieves, our immunity has been at an all time high, and I am sooo looking forward to putting this guy to the test with the new school year germs. [Oh and a little secret, you don’t have to be in school to use Thieves! I use it every.single.day]

Also, if you’re on Facebook, come join me! Each week I share a LIVE video, giving you some great tips and ideas of how to incorporate essential oils and Young Living products in to your everyday life! Come on over, click HERE to join!

If you’re ready to start your own oil journey, I would LOVE to help you! Connect you with my incredible oil support group, and help you see the amazing benefits that Young Living can have on your family! Email me at stephsbitebybite@gmail.com so that we can get you started!


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