September 1, 2014

Life with a toddler can sometimes be a little crazy — like to the point of almost making me want to shotgun a beer [and I hate beer].

But then moments like these happen [eating meringue with sock gloves and an avocado slicer] that make me fall madly in love with my little boy tornado, and want to be the next person to have a show 19 kids and counting. No. Maybe not that much in love, but it’s a lot of love!

Logan doesn’t really talk a lot yet, but he’s got tons of gestures, grunts, and habits that just make him…him.

Shoes. He’s obsessed with them. Especially Daddy’s work shoes. On and off, on and off, he goes for an hour with these shoes. Pretending to tie, and untie. He’s even gotten brave and taken a few steps in them. Obviously they’re super heavy for him, because when he tries to take a step with them, or picks them up to carry them, he grunts like he’s picking up a big ole cow.

Oh, and see the koozie? This is a fun new MUST. Since Daddy uses koozies, Logan now needs a koozie every time he drinks his milk. I’ll open the fridge in the morning and get out the milk, fill up his cup, hand it to him, and Logan immediately starts signing ‘please’ and ‘more’ then trying to open the kitchen drawer that holds the koozies. If we don’t have a koozie for the milk cup, meltdowns are inevitable. [Mommy made sure to pack a few for our road trip this weekend, saved.the.day]

Car rides are now consumed with a ghost child. He’s practicing for Halloween.

We all know that one of summer’s biggest hits was Magics! song “Rude”. Well, it’s one of Logan’s favs. When it comes on in the car he starts kicking his feet and swaying his head, while doing his little hands like itsy bitsy spider.

Waiving bye to everything, trash trucks, stink bugs, airplanes, strangers in the store, bubbles, flowers, things that go in the trash, even our dinner rolls. On top of the waive he’s just starting to say bye, but it’s a very abrupt and short “DYE”. Gotta work a little on our pronunciation.

Bedtimes stories have become so adorable. Logan has to touch each little critter in the stories we read, then he finds one to give a kiss to. At the end of the book he gives it a hug and one more kiss. One of his favorites is Spot Says Goodnight and he’s in love with Teddy and the Moon — they’re usually the ones that get all the kisses. Another favorite is Baby Signs for Bed Time, he goes straight to the little boy signing ‘bath’ and the girl signing ‘toothbrush’. He follows their motions and signs ‘bath’ and toothbrush’ for about 15 minutes.


Kisses are hard to come bye these days, head donks have replaced them. But you gotta watch it because there’s no warning to this big head coming straight for yours.

Doing big boy things like helping mom get veggies out of the fridge, closing doors, putting clothes in the wash, taking a shower with dad, brushing his own teeth, and getting his own Cheerios are all new normal activities.

Other big boy activities that aren’t approved of though are also starting to come out. Pinching, couch climbing, and biting have started to pop up. I’m freaking out — and this is when I’m usually ready for a drink.



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