Holly: 19 Weeks Old

July 24, 2016

It’s the end of the teen weeks, we’re moving on to the twenties.

{And I feel like before I know it, Holly will actually really be hitting her 20’s. Life is just blowing by}


Boy have I got the drooliest baby ever! This kid has got a constant steam of drool coming from her mouth. Her shirts are constantly soaked. I thought about getting some cute little handkerchief drool bibs, but meh…I’m just totally in the ‘no one cares and no has tie to keep away the drool’ mode. The crazy thing is, I don’t remember Logan being this drooly, but I always go and read his update for the same week and HOLY cow, Logan was cutting his first tooth at 19 weeks. So, maybe this is a sign of an impending tooth. I need to do a finger swipe on her gums and see!

Now that I’m saying [writing] this out loud, I’m actually wondering if it totally is a tooth coming in. The last few nights Holly has been nursing really weird. Like, she’s really agitated and is constantly pulling off, but reattaching, and pulling off. And she’s been taking super long naps, which I remember Logan’s teeth coming in kind of knocked him out a little bit. She’s blowing out almost all of her diapers, and I know teeth can make little bellies upset. If she is getting a tooth, I’m going to cry, I totally savor that cute gummy baby smile.


We’re still in the stage of her long ass tongue being out all.the.time. I haven’t taken any pictures of her doing it, but Lucas said we need to start taking tons of them to remember her like this. Because soon she will stop doing it and we won’t have any memory of it at all. I also want to take a picture of her in some of her 6 month old foot less pjs, because instead of looking like footless pants, the look like freaking shorts on the bottom because Holly is so long. It’s hilarious!


Holly’s learning now how to make tons of bubbles with all that drool, and also just started sucking in her bottom lip. So, you either get her with her tongue all the way out, or the lip sucked all the way in. She’s also becoming insanely good a scooching around on her back. If she sees a toy a little ways away from her she will inch herself over to that toy….or over to Logan who’s eating snacks. She’s trying to be a food thief right now. Her curiosity about our plates and cups is becoming almost too much for her to bear.

She’s also getting a lot better at taking bottles. It’s not something that we’re doing a lot with her. But, if I go out with friends, or Lucas and I go out for a date night, she will totally take the bottle now. And I always find it interesting when babies start to take a bottle, because you start to see how much milk they’re actually drinking. On the boob, I have no clue. But, my parents watched her for us, I brought two 3oz bags of milk for her, my parents said she killed the first 3oz no problem and was still acting hungry. So they heated up the other 3 oz and she drank all that too. So insane!!!


We’re just so in love with this little milk drinking monster.

Some of Holly’s favorite things right now are morning walks to the park [she falls asleep every time], sucking on her blankies, playing on her play mat, wrestling with Logan’s puppy, and watching Peppa Pig.



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