Seriously. Nothing special about these eats.

I’ve been battling food poising or the stomach flu since Monday now. Worse than I’ve EVER experienced. And the only thing I can seem to keep down is toast or graham crackers. So there’s not a lot of fun stuff to share with you…just carbs.

I haven’t worked out since Friday, and was feeling like I could finally handle going out for a run. 

The run went great. Got home, and started feeling the stomach cramps coming back. Ugh.

So I whipped us up some breakfast. Half an English muffin for me and half a container of yogurt with a little protein powder. Logan had the other half of my English muffins and yogurt [no protein powder] and some strawberries.



We played around for a while, dabbled a little in potty training. Logan had a mid-morning snack, a little squeeze pouch that was mango/banana flavored. I think I had half a graham cracker with some peanut butter.

Lunch came real fast. I guess running to the potty chair every 10 minutes had me distracted, and BUSY.

Logan had a big plate of blacke beans, chicken, cottage cheese, corn/pineapple puree, and some veggies chips. All random, but he really liked it all. Well, except for the chicken. For some reason this kid is not a chicken fan.


For me? Half an english muffin and I ate Logan’s chicken. I just didn’t feel like eating anything else and the muffins really make my tummy feel at ease.

More playing. I got Logan to occupy himself in my shoes while I cleaned up our bathrooms. Love when I can quickly clean up an area while he plays. I hate wasting nap time to clean. I try to use nap time for my blog and AdvoCare work — read “mommy catches up on reality TV” — not cleaning.

So down for a nap he went, and my blogging turned in to online shopping, which let’s just admit right now, online shopping gets me in to trouble.  And right now I’m finding so many great deals that I feel like I need an intervention. Then Ellen came on and I got sucked in to the Florida Peni-nsula joke and my “work” time came to a halt.

Logan woke up from his nap, and the last few weeks he’s been waking up from his nap really cranky. I’ve found that if I go in there with a snack in hand, he isn’t as much of a crazy pants. I set down his little box of yogurt covered raisins and his sippy cup that had some green juice in it on the floor. He popped up out of his crib and started laughing his fake laugh for his little snack that was waiting.

I was actually craving my protein pancakes, so that’s what I whipped up for my snack.

We spent the afternoon folding laundry, racing in the laundry basket, carrying the recycling trash can around the house, throwing pumpkins, and giving kisses for a poopy accident. Then, off to Grammie and Poppie’s house we went. Logan LOVED showing off his potty skills over there. Having everyone hoop and holler for him got him all pumped up. He’d sit on the potty, pee, and then start clapping himself and laughing so hard.

Still nervous about my tummy I made a small plate of grilled sausage, mac and cheese, and baked beans. Logan ate the same thing and scarfed the sausage. and then every bite of beans was followed by an ‘mmmmm’.

Logan shared some ice cream with Grammy and then we made our way back home. This kid was on a sugar rush when we got back. Running around the house, drinking his milk, and wearing his Batman mask. I was still a little hungry so I cooked up a few egg whites.

Then, it was off to bed for both of us!

What did you eat on Wednesday?!



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