I have been trying super hard to stick to a cash envelope system these last few months.

In trying to pay off some credit card debt, that suddenly starting spinning out of control, and to just get a better idea of where our money was going [because I mean, we have no money, so where is it all going]. It started off as a great thing. I was heading to the bank every pay check, getting my cash, and diving it up. Ready to stick to my specific category allotment.

But, there was only one problem. Every time I would leave the house I was forgetting to take my cash envelopes, then overspending and using money from one envelope to cover the other. It was almost a depressing cycle that seemed to kind of be making things a little worse.

I knew that I needed this system to change somehow and get it to work better for me. Then, one morning while I was working out and watching YouTube —- ok, really quick, this is where I try to multitask and get in a little “personal growth” I will watch meal planning videos, grocery haul, budget videos, listen to christian preachings, learn more about totschool and kid activities, I just go to town with watching informational YouTube videos to build me up —- I found this video by Jordan Page  about a simpler way to use the cash envelope system. And you guys. It’s genius!! [ok, watch the video people!]

It’s basically using the cash envelope system like a debit system, so that you don’t have to withdraw wads of cash and try and keep it all together. Now, here’s my spin on it. I am using this method to control my grocery and misc spendings — misc meaning eating out, family fun, random purchases. But, I am still using some cash envelopes for things that we don’t typically spend money on each week. I have envelopes for things like doctors, pets, holidays, clothes, trip, house cleaning/improvement, that I am putting a specific amount of money in each week, to build up, so for instance when I go to get the dogs groomed, if I’ve been putting away $15 each pay check, thats $30 a month built up in the envelope. We get the dogs groomed about every 4 months, so by the time that 4th month hits, now I’ve saved up enough for the groomers. Same with clothes. We don’t buy clothes often, so by putting away $20 each paycheck, I’m building up a clothing fund for those seasonal times that we go shopping.

But, having this one envelope to take around with me and mark down my groceries and misc spending, has been way easier for me to keep track of, instead of having to always have the cash with me.

The key to budgeting is to find a method that works for you and that you can stick to. So, of that means you take a little of each different system out there and combine it all, then hey….as long as it works!!

What kind of budgeting system do you use?


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