Baby #3: Week 9

February 21, 2018

I am soooo hoping that I can keep up with these weekly updates, but holy cow, they’re coming fast, and life is so crazy right now.

After going to the doctor last week for our first appointment, they were able to measure little baby and our due date is projected to be 9/18/18 [how fun are those numbers….9+9 is 18, I don’t know weird brain stimulator for me].

How I’m Feeling: I am feeling pretty good in the energy department. This is my first pregnancy where I’m trying to do no caffeine, which hasn’t been a huge issue for me. I feel like I know now that they’re is no resting with two other kids, so I am just keeping the going going. I am having a hard time drinking anything during the day, and the food I’m eating is super carb loaded. I haven’t dealt with super bad nausea with my other pregnancies, but this one. Oh my gosh, I feel it all day long. I’m getting good sleep right now, until about 3:45 and then I can’t sleep anymore, so I’m just tossing and turning in bed. I am still working out, some days are harder than others, but I feel like getting my body moving is helping to keep my mind right….and trying to offset all the carbs I’m eating.

How I’m Changing: Showwwwwwing way earlier this time around. I feel like I’ve got a good little bump happening right now, but it’s still that awkward phase of it not really looking like I have a bump and more so looking like I just ate too much pizza. My skin has been a nightmare lately too. I’m having a tone of breakouts because of the hormone shifts, and super dry skin. I also just feel emotionally irritable. I don’t really have much patience right now, and I don’t have very much motivation. I kind of just wanna sit around all day long. That first trimester is seriously an ass kicker.

What I’m Eating/What I’m Not Eating: This is so hard right now, because my nausea lasts all day, but comes in 45 minute spurts. So I go from wanting to eat nothing and feeling like I’m gonna be sick, to wanting to eat everything. But, right now I am loving tortillas, bread, any kind of eggs, tuna, ranch dressing, pizza, pickles, and salty chips. And as much as I’m trying to keep adding in the greens, they’re getting really hard for me to stomach. I cannot do sweets, dairy sounds disgusting, smoothies or protein shakes have me gagging at the thought, and fruit is just not my friend either. I’m also having a hard time just drinking fluid. I can’t do carbonation, water is ok until the afternoon, and tea is back and forth.

Total Weight Gained: 2lbs [started at 128, now 130]
Workouts: Still doing all my weighted workouts, but also loving short body burners from TIU or Blogilates. I haven’t really done much running lately, but trying to do more walking.
Sleep: I fall asleep fast, but am having trouble staying asleep after 3 am
Most Exciting Moment: Seeing our little baby move it’s arm. Since I had an internal ultrasound, we got to see 3D pictures, and see the baby moving, and it was just such a surreal moment….even when this is our 4th pregnancy.
Baby is the Size of a: grape
Miss Anything? Not feeling nauseous all the time.


Oh Baby [number three]

February 14, 2018

Well, this Valentine’s Day was extra special for us. We got to see our new, sweet little baby for the first time. YES!! We’ve got a baby on board, and we couldn’t be more excited. Little love bug is due in September, and we’re already anxious to hold the baby! This pregnancy has been so […]

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Whole Wheat Oatmeal Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

January 31, 2018

Today was a day, where I tried with all my mama energy not to let the struggles of the day get to me. You know when you have kind of a plan in mind for how the day is going to go, but then your kids have a totally different plan? Well, that was us […]

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Mom Guilt

January 29, 2018

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Creating Clarity

January 20, 2018

Do you ever find your self feeling like you’re just one huge mess? That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. Over extended. Under motivated. Wanting to do nothing, but accomplish everything. Trying to find that balance between motherhood and momtreprenuer. Spending time with family but getting out and being a friend to my friends. HOW do […]

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Helping You Get in the Mood [Valentine’s Day is coming]

January 11, 2018

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Kid updates

January 9, 2018

These two are just growing so fast. Part of the reason I can’t keep up with everything anymore. I wake up and scramble all through the day, and at night I think to myself “how did I already get here?” I cannot believe I am getting ready to start planning Holly’s second birthday party, and […]

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My Testimony

January 4, 2018

Last night I did something scarily-amazing. I got up in front of my church [maybe 500-600 people] and shared my “How I found Jesus” Story. I posted a little blurb yesterday on Instagram and had an outpouring of support. Many comments and personal texts saying that you wished you could be there to hear my […]

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2018: A new year

January 1, 2018

I’m doing the thing we all do for New Year’s. Goal Setting. But this year I am trying to really hone in on my 2018 as a whole. A year that can represent one full goal, when it’s all put together. And I think the best way to do that is to pick a word. […]

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