Holly: 37 Weeks Old

December 1, 2016

Holly’s first Thanksgiving!


I can’t even believe we’re already at Holly’s first season of holidays! Her first birthday is just around the corner, and it’s freaking me out. She has just grown in the blink of an eye it feels like.

Poor little bug, though, she just can’t catch a break. She’s got another cold this week. Luckily nothing like the week before. It seems to be just a little head cold. We had one rough night of uncomfortable sleep thanks to a runny nose, but other than that, she’s pushing through it.

We spent Thanksgiving down in El Paso, and while I want to say that Holly ate a whole plate of Thanksgiving food [like Logan did his first Thanksgiving], she was actually taking a nap when we all sat down for dinner. When she woke up she got to eat some sweet potatoes and had a few bites of pumpkin pie, which of course she loved.


It was also Holly’s first night staying in a hotel….which turned in to a shit show. Logan and Lucas slept in one bed and Holly and I slept in the other bed. Big mistake! I think because ¬†she was next to me, and could smell me, she was waking up every hour and a half to nurse. By the time 5 am rolled around she was wide awake and ready to get the day going.


It was fun to see Holly’s cousins playing with her and loving on her! They all thought she was just the sweetest little baby.

Some new things that Holly’s doing this week is clapping. She thinks it’s the coolest thing to sit there and clap. She also started giving me high fives. She loves to turn off light switches. Smoothies have become a big obsession for her this week, and being given water from a straw. And she loves playing peek-a-boo.


We had to drop her crib mattress this week because she’s getting up on all fours in her crib and starting to reach for the rails. She hasn’t started pulling herself up yet, but I think it’s because she doesn’t have the ability to practice that very much. We used to have a coffee table, but when Logan was this age and would pull himself up at it, he’d fall over and hit his head on the table, so we got rid of it.

And she’s learning to crawl, but in the wrong direction! She can practically crawl backwards now, so we just gotta get her going forward now. Silly girl!



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