Gingerbread Houses

December 13, 2017

Logan has been begging me to buy a Gingerbread house kit every time we go to Target. He even thought he’d be tricky, when I asked him what kind of Christmas cookies we should make, he said “gingerbread men, so that they can live in the gingerbread house”. Oh geez!

Well, I have been struggling with our budgeting. Really trying to be better about not over spending, or just spending on silly things [like a gingerbread house]. So, I figured that we didn’t need to spend the $15 on the gingerbread house, when I’ve got graham crackers from Costco and left over frosting in the baking bin.

This turned out to be super easy, and Logan was shocked that I could create out own gingerbread house right at home. He kept asking me “but how did you get this stuff for the gingerbread house mom? I just love it”. Oh lord, please let him stay so appreciative.

I was able to blast some Christmas music while the kids decorated, danced, and snuck fingertips full of frosting and sprinkles. Are you making Gingerbread houses this year [and totally not knocking you for buying it at Target!]


Whoa — what happened

December 10, 2017

Oh man, I literally don’t even know what happened. All the sudden a month went by and I realized I hadn’t even posted anything. You guys, I’m just gonna be honest here. That #momlife is seriously getting to me! I literally feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. And the older my […]

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Easy DIY Gift Ideas

November 14, 2017

Can you believe there’s just 6 weeks until Christmas? I kind of just threw up in my mouth a little bit! I am going the DIY route this year and trying to make homemade gifts for my friends and family. I mean, yes…there will still be store bought items. But, I picture me and my […]

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Holly: Toddler Milestones

November 6, 2017

I think I just started realizing that I don’t really do any individual posts about my kids. [and more so Holly] Dang that second child syndrome! —-would you guys like to see more¬†individual kid updates? Let’s talk about little Holly Girl. Missy Poo [as we call her] is 20 months old! I can hardly even […]

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Fall Wishlist

November 1, 2017

There’s so many cozy, comfy, fall things that I am seeing this year, that are on my wishlist. I wanted to do a little roundup here, in case you’re looking for all things fall. [via] This clutch first of all, is such a cute piece to transition from Halloween, right in to all things November. […]

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Movie Theatre Survival with Young Kids

October 31, 2017

This¬†weekend we ventured out to the movies theatre with the kids, and we survived! We haven’t taken them to the movie theatre in over a year…last winter I took them both by myself, Holly was about 8 months old and Logan was 3 1/2 and it turned in to an utter shit show. So, I […]

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Halloween Sugar Cookies

October 27, 2017

When you tell your kids that we’re going to make Halloween cookies, you better have a recipe that you can act on fast. Because, believe me, making kids wait for dough to chill in the freezer, is like the purest form of torture known to mankind. I swear, if I ever have to hear a […]

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Essential Oil Fall FLASH Sale

October 24, 2017

You guys know me and my obsession with oils. Oils have become a huge game changer in our life and we use them every single day. From helping with sleep support, boosting our immunity, calming anxiety, easing postpartum issues, chemical free cleaning, helping our digestive system, easing scrapes and cuts, relieving all the head tension, […]

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Treasured Mom Moments

October 23, 2017

The best thing about being a mama is all the little moments that we get to experience with those little monsters that we’re raising. My heart sometimes breaks because I know I won’t be able to remember every sweet little thing. As we grow and move from one phase to the next, it gets harder […]

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