Fall Activity Tree

October 1, 2014

A few months ago when summer was just getting ready to start, I made a Summer Bucket List.

It was such a fun thing to not only display in the house, but to give us a visual list of fun things to do over the summer. And, I have to say, we did all of them expect for the Hike. So, now that this is the first day of October and that fall chill is starting to float through the air, it was time to make our Fall Bucket List. I thought though that it would be super cute and super fun to make a tree and write all of our activities on leaves. As we complete an activity, the leaf will fall to the ground. Not only a cute display in our house, but also a chance to teach Logan about trees/leaves/fall.

I put Logan to work helping me turn our grocery bags in to the tree trunk. A toddler and a roll of tape – don’t think I need to say any more. The whole roll was unwound in about 2.1 seconds. For our activities I tried to think of things that would be easy to do, fun for Logan, and really capture the fun of fall.


Here’s what we’ve got planned:


Make candy corn
Paint pinecones
Jump in leaves
Go on a hayride
Balloon Fiesta
Make a pie
Create a thankful tree
Trick or Treat
Build a scarecrow
Bake Halloween cookies
Visit the pumpkin patch
Make candy apples
Drink apple cider
Zoo Boo
Make homemade applesauce
Rake leaves
Make pumpkin bread
Watch Hocus Pocus
Fall picnic
Indoor s’mores
Donate to food bank
Pumpkin run
Paint pumpkins
Choose a new Thanksgiving recipe to make


We finished putting up the leaves right before Logan’s nap. I was having Logan help me stick the leaves on the wall, but it turned in to a game of put a leaf up, tear a leaf down, so I decided to raise them just a little to avoid a naked tree happening by the end of the day.


When he woke up from his nap [obviously forgetting about the tree] he was running through the house then suddenly realized the tree was there. He ran over to it and said “Hiiiye tee”. Now I don’t want to take the tree down ever.



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