Today was such a weirdo day.

Everything just seemed kind of backwards and all crazy.

It started off just like any other morning — early wake up call for the gym, starting with my pre-workout drink {Arginine Extreme, Rehydrate, and Slam}. I sweated like a little piggy! I always try to get home and shower before Logan wakes up at 7/7:15…and pray that I can even squeeze in a cup of hot tea and ten minutes of reality tv time. This is where everything got all whacky, the kid didn’t start rolling around until 8:30!

I was starved and made some protein waffles — loving these again!

IMG_2657 Logan got some regular waffle [no protein powder] sticks, strawberries, and bananas. He ate half the waffles and bananas and all of the strawberries. But, I saved the leftovers, and about an hour later he ate the rest. I’m starting to learn that he likes to eat little portions all throughout the day.

IMG_2656 Since we got our day started so late, we missed our Gymboree class, so I took Logan out to the park instead. He had so much fun climbing and taking his shoes off to put his toes in the volleyball sand. Waving at big trucks and airplanes, and chasing stink bugs were also some of our park activities. When we got home it was about 11:45 — Logan is usually down for a nap at 11. So I decided to change things up again and make lunch and then do naptime after lunch.

Big salad with tuna and an egg mixed up with some mustard for me.

IMG_2659 Logan had some turkey, teddy grahams, and a mixture of cottage cheese/pumpkin/black beans/honey. I got him to take a few scoops of the cottage cheese with his teddies, but that was about it [normally he goes ham for cottage cheese], the teddies were gone in a flash, and we played with the turkey until the last roll up was gone. The hardest part with a little one is that their taste buds are always changing. One day they like something and the next day they don’t — which seems to be the norm for us lately.

IMG_2658 Nap time came and I couldn’t have been more relieved. My house is now filled with high pitches DOG DOOOG DDDDAAAWG screams. Like, literally at the top of those littlest lungs. My brain sometimes feels like it’s on the verge of blowing up. So, a 2 1/2 hour breather is always a welcomed event. But to tame the tension a little I made an iced coffee, with a little squirt of heaven…and sprinkles. Mommies need sprinkles to ya know!

Our afternoon snack was an effort to pack Logan with good nutrients. Smoothie to the rescue! Almond milk, yogurt, frozen strawberries, spinach, and a fig. Gone in two seconds. 

IMG_2662 I went the smoothie route too — high in protein, low in fat. Protein powder, cottage cheese, egg whites, and ice.

IMG_2663 We played, ran a few errands, folded some laundry, and then it was dinner time. Making something that kind of cooks itself is my best hope for maintaining the chaos that my house has turned in to now. So, turkey meatloaf muffins in the oven it was. Basically I just needed to mix everything in a bowl, separate in to muffins tins, and bake.

I served up mine with kale chips and sweet potato.

IMG_2665 Logan’s was squirted with some ketchup, a few celery chunks with hummus, and mango and grapes. Celery was a no go, but everything else was a big hit! Also putting food in to new little cups or containers is really helping Logan to get excited about the food on his plate.

IMG_2664 Milk, clean up, bath time, stories, and some meal replacement cake with protein ice cream for my nightcap!

What did you eat today?! Share your meals with me on Instagram using the #chooseu hashtag!


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