Our Weekend

January 26, 2015

Let’s talk about how horrible it is to have a sick little one.

Definitely not fun, and definitely not the way we planned to spend our weekend. The last few days [especially since starting Logan at Dayschool], Logan’s had a horrible runny/crust/green coated nose. But, he’s been in really good spirits and didn’t have a fever, so we just kind of went through the end of the week and Saturday like normal.

We spent Saturday morning out at the park. The weather was so gorgeous and had me craving tank tops and flip flops, maybe even a drink with a cute little umbrella. We hadn’t been to the park in a while, so it was so fun to let Logan out of the stroller and run around. I thought for sure he’d be all over the slide, since we have one at home, but literally all this kid wanted to do was play in the sand. He’d grab handfuls of sand from the volleyball pit, run across the sidewalk, and over to the soccer field and thrown the sand. Then it was back to the pit, more sand, more running, more throwing. This continued for 30 minutes, and probably would have lasted all day. I couldn’t believe he didn’t care one bit about the actual park equipment.

I moved myself over the the jungle gym, sitting on the steps and that sparked a little interest. He finally came over and slid down the slide three times, then got focused on just going up and down, up and down the stairs. Grunting the whole time. To distract him again I moved over to the swings, and swung a few times before he started nodding his head to me asking him if he was all done. As soon as I put him back down he ran over to the volleyball pit to start transferring sand again.

The only way I could get him to leave the sand was to ask him if he wanted to see the big trucks. Oh what a kid will do to see some trucks. So we continued on with the walk and found some land movers that we’re leveling a community area behind the park. I got him really close to them and would say “truck, Logan, see the truck” and in his little happy voice he’d say “tttur” tttur”. Close enough. I also got to point out some “air-puhs” [airplanes].

As soon as Logan woke up from his nap, I knew we were in for trouble though. His face looked a little swollen and his nose was all read, and he was on fire. I gave him some tylenol, a pedialyte popsicle, and we strarted a Curious George tv show marathon. All Logan wanted to do was cuddle up with either me or Lucas and watch his cartoon. So, we rested for the rest of the evening, sipping on soup and popsicles.

At 3:30 in the morning, little man woke up crying, and again was burning up. I spent two hours holding him, cooling him down, and cuddling and he finally fell asleep for an hour. By 6:30 he was back up though, and even though you could see it on his face that he was sick, he was moving around, wanting to play with toys, and determined to help daddy outside. We tried to keep him stocked up on fluids, but even that was hard. He didn’t really want to eat or drink anything. Some vitamin water and chicken noodle soup broth, we a few squeeze pouches and popsicles was about all we could manage.

Nap time was a bitch – I’m not gonna lie. When you have a kid who depserately needs to sleep, but won’t, you wanna pull your hair out. We went through three hours of napping, crying, napping, screaming, soothing, napping, and then it was over, and I felt more exhausted after the nap then before. But Logan found himself a new boost of energy, and spent a good amount of time playing with dogs, going up and down his slide, racing cars on his tracks, and playing chase with me [the newest game he’s learned]. Smoothies and raisins were the only things that he wanted for dinner, he even refused his milk and popsicles. He even went and got his own pjs and sat in front of the bathtub, almost liek he was begging to be put to spend. We spent a good amount of time playing with some bubbles, breathing in vapors, and rearranging the bath letters.

…and wouldn’t you know that once I laid him down to sleep, my nose was running, throat was itchy, and my head felt like a balloon. Gotta love sharing germs. Hope you had a great un-sick weekend!

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