Baby Conner…Here we go again

November 25, 2014

If you follow me on instagram then you already know the BIG news.

Belly bumps and chalkboard pictures are making their way to the blog again, because…we’re PREGNANT!

And that means, this little guy is gonna be a big brother!

We couldn’t be more excited, thankful, and scared all at the same time. So, here’s to a big ole belly and newborn life all over again. Stay tuned every week for bump updates!

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Tantrums, tantrums, tantrums

November 24, 2014

I’d like to pretend that my child is a perfect angel every minute of everyday. BUT. That is so not true. And these days, things seem to be getting a little harder, and he’s getting a little testier. One minute everything seems fine and we’re both happy and playing. Then the next minute the kid […]

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Weekend Happenings

November 17, 2014

This is our last weekend of calmness before the holiday season kind of takes over our life. Next week we’ll be out of town for a work conference, then only home for a few more days before loading up the car and doing the family road trip thing up to Colorado to have Thanksgiving with […]

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Fitness Friday

November 14, 2014
Turkey Trot

Can you believe in two week we’ll all be waking up with that turkey hangover? Ugh say it isn’t so!! Thanksgiving is one of those things that is so good while it’s all happening, but then when it’s over you just feel blah, and wish you would have said no to that third slice of […]

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What {the baby and} I Ate Wednesday

November 13, 2014

Nom nom nom — I just wanna eat everything! Something about cooler weather, knowing that the holidays are right around the corner, and just wanting to be stuffed and cozy. For breakfast I stuck with my old faithful, and actually is just so super quick and easy, that now with Logan being all over the […]

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Mama and Mini Winter Style

November 11, 2014
MamaMini Winter

If you thought you had a shopping problem before hand — try adding a kid to the mix! I mean, there are so many dang cute clothes for little ones that I could have Plastic Card Day every day. Help me. This season I’m super in to plaid and that cabin cozy chic. You know […]

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Fitness Friday

November 7, 2014
Squat and press

Baby it’s cold outside! I mean, dang!!! I thought I was done with summer, but now that my toes are freezing all the time and I can’t workout outside, I’m starting to miss those 100 degree days. Crazy I know. But…it’s like me having stick straight hair, and wanting curly hair. Never satisfied. But, in […]

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What {the baby and} I Ate Wednesday

November 6, 2014

Who’s hungry? NOT me…or Logan. We’ve both been a little sicky poo this last weekend. Logan worse than me…he legit exorcist vomited on my mom the other night. OMG. All I kept think, well of course was poor Logan, but that I was glad he didn’t do that on me. I would have DIED. So, […]

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Walnut Pumpkin Pie Bars

November 5, 2014

Well, it’s November…and that means it’s the month of PIES! I’m a sucker for pie. Any type of pie. I’m not picky. But, for sure Pumpkin and Pecan are a must this month. There’s something about these traditional pies that is just too good to resist. I think it’s the memories they stir up. For […]

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