Help with Solid Feeding

October 25, 2016

This post is sponsored by Boon, although the opinions are 100% my own. 
As you all know, I am a total believer in Baby Led Weaning.

With both of my kids we went the route of introducing whole, solid foods, instead of purees and baby foods. It’s definitely a personal choice for each parent, but we’ve just had so much success with solid foods, that I can’t imagine us having done anything different now.


The one thing that can get kind of tricking with BLW, is that there’s certain foods that can get hard to feed the littles, without having to actually sit there and spoon feed. Not that I’m opposed to spoon feeding, but it’s just so much easier when your child can feed themselves, so that you can actually enjoy meal time with them, instead of trying to manage bites in between.

Well, I found something that has been a huge help to us at meal time!

It’s the Boon PULP, which is a super cool teething feeder. Unlike mesh feeders that basically only allow “juices” to make there way through, the Boon PULP really allows for food the be added in, and the little to use their gummy “teeth” to gnaw on the mouth and get out whatever is placed inside.


For use, it’s been a great way for me to give Holly some avocado, yogurt, oatmeal or even sunflower butter, without it going all over the tray, falling off a spoon, and me having to sit there and feed her spoon by spoon.

Holly loves her little PULP feeder. She gets to control how much food she wants from it, and actually, now that she’s teething, it’s a great relief for her gums. The other day to help with her teething pain, I put a little bit of yogurt in, with a blob of pumpkin, and a piece of frozen fig. She sat there so content through all of dinner just gnawing away, and I’m sure the intermittent cold from the frozen fig was such a soother for her little teethies.


That’s what I love about this, is that I can use it for things that she can’t really pick up yet with her fingers, I can add frozen food to it that will thaw as she gnaws, and I can take it with us to help keep messes when we’re out to a minimum. Not to mention this feeder cleans up with just a simple rinse under the sink. High five for easy clean up. To get your own Boon PULP 2 pack, you can head over to Target [the bestest mommy store around]!

Just be careful, if you have a toddler, they’re going to think the baby has a sucker, and they’re gonna want one too!



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