With Logan back at school now, we’re in full lunchbox mode again.

At Logan’s school we have to pack him a morning snack and a lunch, then I pick him up after lunchtime and crazy-pants is here for the remainder of the day. I try hard to make sure that I don’t pack Logan the same ole ham and cheese sandwich over and over again. My thought is that if it gets boring for me to make, then it’s gotta be boring for him to eat. I’m always trying to to make sure he’s getting a variety of foods throughout the week. Kids’ tastebuds change so frequently that maybe he gets tired of one thing, but he might start to really love something that he didn’t used to [hello celery and broccoli].



Here’s some of our favorites

[I always try to have some type of fruit incorporated in snack time]

Applesauce mixed with pumpkin puree and a dash of cinnamon
Homemade trail mix [we have to be nut free] – raisins, dates, dried apricots, graham cracker letters
Apple slices and half a granola bar
Yogurt with blueberries
Trader Joe’s fruit bars with cheese cubes
Dried mando slices with a small yogurt



Roasted turkey or chicken sandwich [sneak in avocado as a spread with some mustard]
Turkey corn dogs
Pepperoni/cheese stacks
Turkey meatloaf muffins
Crescent roll pizzas
Cold grilled cheese [Logan doesn’t mind if it’s cold]
Omelet with torn up spinach mixed in

Sweet potato fries or mashed sweet potatoes with cinnamon and honey
Cheddar mini rice cakes
Mac and Cheese
Veggie sticks or Snap Pea Crisps
Popped chips
Toast with jelly

Celery with hummus and raisins
Grape tomatoes
Bell peppers with hummus
Small salad with a little ranch or honey mustard
Low sodium pickles
Sliced fruit
Cucumbers with dip


Something else that I’m loving for lunch time is my Rubbermaid Lunch Blox. I’m a stickler for not using plastic bags that just get thrown away [creating excessive trash], but I’m also an organizing freak, and want everything to have it’s own little spot. That’s why this lunch box is so amazing. It comes with three separate compartments that you can fill and put together any way you like. There’s a snap on ice pack too!! It also helps to keep “wet” foods away from the dry ones, so there’s no yucky soggy mess, and no squished sandwiches. My memory of my packed school lunch, was my soggy Bologna sandwich that my mom would make, smothered in ketchup. Don’t ask, ketchup and bologna, YUCK….but I would pull out my sandwich and it would look like a big bloody mess. Of course, I couldn’t eat it after that, so I’m trying hard to make sure Logan doesn’t have the image of bloody sandwiches haunting him at lunch time.

And with the mommy version, which is the Fasten+Go lunchbox, I have an easy option for my lunches when we head out to the zoo, or the park, or even road trips! All the separate storage containers are also coming in handy now that Holly is little miss piggy. I can put some little snacks in for her too, and now I’ve got all of us taken care of. If you’re in need of a super easy lunchbox that keeps everything all together, then these are the ones for you!

If you have some fun, easy lunch ideas that your kids love, I’d love to hear about them!


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