Marathon Training: Week 2

February 6, 2011

I can’t tell you how much I am longing for warmer weather. I don’t want to run in the cold any more!! My long run this week was three miles, which isn’t too bad, but it was so darn cold out!! I thought my legs were going to freeze off.

We started our three mile run with a Turnover Clinic. In marathon running you want your turnover to be 180 steps/minute, which is ultimately the most efficient stride rate. The gauge our turnover we started our first mile to the whistle of our Coach.

He would blow the whistle to start, we would run and count how many time our right foot hit the ground. After a certain amount of time he would blow the whistle to signal us to stop counting. We did this four times to get an average count. My count was 84 everytime, which is really good! You want your right foot to hit 90 times because if you multiply that by 2 (for your left foot) that equals 180. So I am actually very close to have a really efficient stride! Sa-weet!!

After finishing our Turnover Clinic we set out to finish our last two miles.


The run was actually really nice, despite the cold. I felt really strong, and was able to get in to my groove pretty quickly. The thing I hate about shorter runs is by the time I finally getting adjusted we’re finished. But that will change real quick because those miles are gonna start adding up.


I only tracked the last two miles on my Garmin, because the first mile was done in the Turnover Clinic. Obviously I need to read over the instruction booklet, because I’m not sure how to get the pace to show up. Still getting used to my running buddy :) As a side note, I’ve update my Running Page make sure to check it out!!

DSC07146 DSC07147

It’s funny how you can start off being soo cold, and then when you’re done you’re sweating like a pig. I felt like I could go put on my bathing suit. Shew, it was hot!


After my run I was ready for some coffee…and a nap 😉


Before our run, it was also announced that I was the week’s Top Fundraiser thanks to the Bake Sale!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

Next week’s training:

Week of February 6

Sunday: Hot Vinyasa
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 3 easy miles
Wednesday: 4 miles at pace
Thursday: Track Workout 1
Friday: Weights
Saturday: Team Run 4 miles

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