Lasagna Soup

December 14, 2011

Did you know that I haven’t posted a main course meal since November 30th!

Say what?!!!

I’ve just been so wrapped up in cookie making, and bark making, oatmeal eating, and crisp slow cooking that I haven’t had time for dinner. I mean I’ve eaten dinner. I just haven’t made something that has the rock star quality to appear on the blog.

You know I only bring you guys the best!

But that all changed last night. B-I-G time.

So ok, I know it sounds kind of weird at first. To some it just sounds down right wrong. Yes, I’m speaking of my husband. When I said I was making lasagna soup he just stared at me. Blankly. With a hint of disgust. 

Then he said, “Like with lasagna ingredients?”
“And lasagna noodles?”
“There’s even ricotta cheese?”
“Sounds kind of weird”

Sometimes…these men…

And of course, like always, we know how the story ends. Husband doesn’t trust wife. Wife makes soup. Soup is delicious. Husband raves about how good soup is. Husband goes back for second bowl. Wife secretly gloats to herself that she is always right. Anyone else have these types of scenarios.

They’re starting to become a regular in my house. Duh-winning!

My favorite part about this soup was that towards the end of the bowl my ricotta blob was so gooey and melty and scrumptious. Best. Bite. of. my. Life. And yes, I said ricotta blob. See the above scenario again if you still have doubts.

Another plus is that there’s tons of leftovers (which always seems to happen to me since there’s only two of us and I cook for 10 people. Any one want to come over?) It might be another two weeks before you see a main course dish again since I’ll be eating this soup every night until it’s gone.

Lasagna Soup
adapted from A Farm Girl’s Dabbles

1teaspoon olive oil
6 links Italian Chicken Sausage
1/2 red onion, chopped
3 garlic cloves, minced
2 teaspoons dried oregano
2 tablespoons tomato paste
1 28-oz. can fire roasted diced tomatoes
2 bay leaves
6 cups chicken stock
8 oz. mini shells pastas
5 sheets of lasagna noodles broken up in to 2 inch sections
1 cup spinach leaves
salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

for the ricotta blob:
8 oz. ricotta
1/2 cup shredded Colby cheese blend
1/4 tsp. salt
pinch of ground pepper

2 cups shredded Colby cheese

Heat olive oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add sausage and break up into to small, bite sized pieces, browning for 5 minutes. Add in onions and cook for 2 more minutes. Add garlic, oregano, and tomato paste, stirring well to make sure that paste is fully incorporated and cook for another 3 minutes. 

Add the diced tomatoes, bay leaves, and chicken stock and stir to combine. Bring soup to a boil and then reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Add uncooked pasta and cook for 8 to 10 minutes, or until al dente. Stir in spinach and season to taste with salt and pepper.

While the pasta is cooking, prepare the ricotta blob by place ricotta, cheese, salt and pepper in a small bowl and mixing to combine (I just combined everything in to the ricotta container so that I could store the leftovers easily).

To serve, scoop some of the ricotta blob in to each soup bowl, ladle the soup over the blob and the sprinkle with extra cheese.

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1 Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean December 14, 2011 at 8:10 am

what a fun idea!!! love it


2 Georgette December 14, 2011 at 8:55 am

I’m going to make it tonight!!


3 Erin December 14, 2011 at 9:19 am

Never thought I would crave a ricotta blob before!


4 Erin @ Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts December 14, 2011 at 9:36 am

I saw a version of this on Pinterst, and have it pinned and waiting to make! Can’t wait to try it now!


5 Tina@flourtrader December 14, 2011 at 12:00 pm

Ha-as my mother says it is best not to discuss the meal, just place in front of him! Lasagna in the form of a soup sounds pretty awesome and your picture is crave inducing, so I have saved the recipe. And yes, the blob is a must on top. Yum! Have a great day.


6 Blog is the New Black December 14, 2011 at 12:16 pm

Made this and LOVED it!


7 RavieNomNoms December 14, 2011 at 2:16 pm

What an interesting soup! I am very intrigued! I wouldn’t have curled my nose up when you told me about it though, I would have said bring it on because I love lasagna haha.


8 Stephanie December 14, 2011 at 3:09 pm

Made this recently and loved it! Its one of my new favorites! Yours looks delicious!:)


9 Happy When Not Hungry December 14, 2011 at 6:56 pm

I’ve never had lasagna soup. This looks delicious!


10 Baking Serendipity December 14, 2011 at 8:39 pm

This looks fantastic! I make things often that my husband questions at first and ends up loving 🙂 It always makes me feel like the smart one!


11 Kristi Rimkus December 14, 2011 at 8:48 pm

Ha! Cute blog post, and I would agree about the men. Great idea too. I’m not making lasagna anymore – This looks much more satisfying!


12 raquel December 14, 2011 at 10:20 pm

I think this is a great to include on holiday recipe…soup and lasagna in one sounds really interesting


13 Cristina December 14, 2011 at 11:53 pm

Lasagna Soup? That doesn’t sound weird or strange at all…it sounds ingenious and delicious! Yummy and cozy. I would definitely make this soup – I love, love lasagna and then adapting it for a soup and finding a meld of ricotta on the bottom! Thanks for sharing…what a great idea! 🙂

Have a great weekend!


14 Kita December 23, 2011 at 6:41 pm

I just made a similar lasagna soup. Its magic. Im not sure any other word can describe it. Magic.

I hope you have a great holiday!!!


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