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January 12, 2012

I hate being a girl sometimes.

I got so used to taking a certain pill for the last ten years. It was a blessing. I felt like a pre-adolescent. Just a few months ago I stopped taking it. Now I have a new friend every month.

…who I hate.

Especially because it makes me crave these by the dozens.

How’s your walking every day goal going?!

Mines been 9 hits in the 11 days of January so far. I think that’s pretty good. The two slip ups were on days where I was too busy at work to remove my butt from my desk chair.

Since starting the “Walk Everyday” Challenge this guy has been a lot more excited.


oooh!! and guess what I’m hooked on?!

ZUMBA!!! It is awesome, totally rocks, I’ve made 4 new friends, and my legs are sore when I wake up. I think I wanna be a Zumba teacher. Like, for reals.

There’s a certification class in February that I’m eyeing!!

Is it time for Spring yet?

I don’t know how many more naked sticks I can take.

Has anyone started on their Super Bowl menu? I’ve got a few ideas. Actually a lot of ideas. And the list keeps growing, and growing, and growing, bigger, and bigger, and BIGGER, and BIGGEST. Make it STOP!!!

Sorry about that! Guess I’m on a little bit of a foam buzz.


I’ll try to calm down.


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