Costa Rica Day 7

March 12, 2012

I’ve drank way too many of these. And have wasted too many hours tying cherry stems. I’m a pro now (8 sec PR). 


My body feels like it’s on a constant wave. Even when I sleep. I guess that means I’m a mermaid now.


I look like a true tough surfer now. The entire backside of my left leg is covered in a gnarly bruise. Luckily my killer tan is covering it up (You can tell I’m a surfer because I said gnarly…that’s totally rad dude!)


My parents emailed me yesterday to tell me it was snowing at home. I guess I need to smuggle these home in my suitcase.

…or just never come home. I’ll need to figure out how to have Baxter and Styx mailed to me.



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