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March 15, 2012

Yesterday was a long day.

It started at 3:30 AM and ended at 11:00 PM. I don’t think I wanna see an airplane for a while.

Well. I take that back. If I could be jet setting to Europe now, I might go for it.

Wanna know what’s really sad? Our first plane ride home was from Costa Rica to Atlanta and the second we got off that plane I knew we were in America. Because we asked someone a simple question, and received the rudest answer. With no smile. No light behind the eyes. Just another person pissed that they’re at work. Why are we like that?

It really makes me want to go back to Costa Rica.

While hanging out in the ATL airport for 7 hours I found myself suddenly searching for new races. And registered for one that’s on Sunday. It’s a 10 Mile Shamrock Shuffle!

Should be interesting since the last two weeks have been nothing but lazy beach runs. But hey, I just wanna RACE.

I don’t go back to work until Monday and just looked at my DVR recordings which are nearing 30 unwatched reality shows. Looks like I’ve got my weekend planned out. So easy to just slip back in to your ways.

Whoa…just got tired again. It’s nap time.

Then off to finish my root canal.

Welcome Home!

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