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March 22, 2012

I have been back home now for a week. And life has basically returned back to normal. Sad how quickly that happens.

Although, when we left it was Winter…and now it’s Spring. That’s always a plus!

Like my dirty window? Maybe this year I’ll actually try to do that whole Spring cleaning thing. I say that every year. It never happens. I think I just need more flowers to over up the mess. Yup. There’s my plan b.

So are you excited for the Hunger Games to come out?! It’s happening tonight…like at midnight (wait, that would make it tomorrow right?)! I was almost gonna be one of those people who camps out in their sleeping bags just to be the first person in the theatre. But then I figured seeing it over the weekend would be just as good…and I could get a full nights sleep. Much better.

I’m actually reading Suzanne Collin’s other series, Gregor the Overlander and I’m obsessed. They need to make a movie out of this series too. I’m curious to see what huge cockroaches and a world underground look like.


Can I also say that for the record I’ve had 9 Novocain injections in two weeks and am currently rockin’ four stiches in my mouth. Root canals and cheek bites are the worst. But now I think I’ve conquered my fear of needles. (Ooh and I’m writing this post on Vicodin…so please forgive me for any eerorrs)

In the midst of all this crazy mouth trauma…I actually managed something incredible!

I received a first place medal for my 10 miler race on Saturday! YEAH! I was shocked!! I got first place in my age group of 20-29. What’s even better is that I’m closer to the top range of that group and beat out the youngins!

…oooh and I created the best new Starbucks drink. You need it.

Like right now! It’s like drinking a cup of hot Nutella. Yeah. I know. That’s why I told you that you needed it.

It’s a soy misto with half sugar free mocha and half sugar free hazelnut. I do sugar free so that I don’t feel guilty getting the doughnut. What?

Once you try this you’ll order a hundred more.

Then you can get one of these.

It’s like the Black AmEx card of the coffee world. I feel like a baller now.

My nurses are telling me it’s time to lay back down…and since my mouth is stitched up it’s time for my fifth bowl of ice cream too. I could get used to this.

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