Baby Conner: Homemade Postpartum Relief Pads

February 21, 2013

A few days ago I was surfing around on the internet for things I might need for delivery and after delivery. I’m in the process of trying to pack my hospital bag and to get myself prepared for coming home with my little babe.

I stumbled upon this homemade recipe for create postpartum relief pads. And they sounded like they would be heavenly for soothing the super sore areas downstairs. So I immediately when and got the “ingredients” to make these pads so that I would have them ready and stocked up.

They’re super easy to make!

Postpartum Pad 1

Step 1: Assemble your ingredients!

-Extra Long, Super Thick Maxi Pads
-Lavender Oil
-Witch Hazel (make sure it’s alcohol free)
-Aloe Vera Gel (not liquid)

Postpartum Pad 2

Step 2: Slather a good amount of aloe vera all over the pad

Postpartum Pad 3

Step 3: Pour a tablespoon of witch hazel evenly over the pad

Postpartum Pad 4

Step 4: Add a few drops of lavender oil

Postpartum Pad 5

Step 5: Fold in the tabs and leaving the rest of the pad unfolded, wrap in foil.

Postpartum Pad 6

Step 6: Continue making more pads until you have a big stack of them. Place them in the freezer and store them there until you are ready to use them.

Can’t wait to put these to the test! And I hope they bring some relief to you other expecting mamas!

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