Get Fit Mama: Week 17

August 11, 2013

This week was a good week!

I’m starting to feel some of my strength coming back, which is making me feel really good. I am loving these heavier weight workouts and am still debating on the whole going back to the gym thing. I love working out at home, it’s so much easier, but I’m really wishing for some heavier weights and a few gym machines. The thing with home workouts is you just have to get creative on how to use things around your home to get in the work that you need. I’ve really found resistance bands to be helpful. I tie them to doors to work on my back. I use them pulled taught overhead for some shoulder work. It’s all about making your home work for you! I really want to get a stability ball to add even more options.

Muscle definition is slowly coming back. And I must say, that is a real confidence booster. Starting to see my slight tone just makes me want to work even harder and has also had an affect on my snacking. Now I’m starting to really ask myself do you need those chocolate chips before I eat three handfuls of them.

…Not to mention I’m trying to gear up for a Hawaii vacation. Lucas keeps calling it the Maui Wowie program. Each time we both go to the pantry to get a snack we say, “I though it was Maui Wowie time”. It works! Knowing that a bathing suit is to be worn a few weeks before Thanksgiving is turning out to be good motivation!

Half marathon training is also going really well!! My body is starting to adjust to the long miles and the runs are starting to get a tad [A TAD!!!] easier.

I’ve decided to hold off on the daily videos. It is taking way too long for me to upload them to YouTube and it’s getting me frustrated. So yeah. Boo. I like doing them, but it was taking 6 hours to upload them. So I’m gonna brainstorm some more to see what else I can do. I really like being able to share my day with you…and my eats. [Any thoughts on a solution?]

Here’s my workouts for the week:

Sunday: rest
Monday: Jaime Eason’s Leg workout, Blonde Ponytail’s Lean Legs Workout 
Tuesday: 4 mile run, Jaime Eason’s Back & Bicep Workout
Wednesday: 1.5 mile walk, Jaime Eason’s Chest & Tricep Workout
Thursday: 3 mile run, Jaime Eason’s Leg Workout
Friday: Jaime Eason’s Shoulder & Ab Workout
Saturday: 8 mile run

And here’s a slammin’ workout for you!! Don’t forget to post your pictures or videos to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and use the #getfitmama #workoutDESTROYED #strongandfit hashtags! I wanna see all you workouts, eats, and motivation!

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