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May 2, 2014

Another month down! Can you believe it!

Let’s talk about April for just a minute. How was your month? Did you accomplish your goals? I always like to take a minute to just look back and acknowledge everything that I was able to get done. Sometimes we get to consumed with what we didn’t get done that we feel like we wasted a month. You know, that whole seeing the galls half full thing.

Now let’s talk about May! Tell me three new goals for the month — or just write them down for your self. But, by sharing your goals it makes you a little more committed to them, so seriously, write down your three goals in the comments below. Maybe it’s to sign up for a new race, or to eat more veggies, drink more water, spend more time outside. Whatever it is, write them down, and lets work towards them!

Here’s your first workout for the new month…and because it’s Cinco de Mayo time, we’re gonna shake it like a piñata!

Cinco de Mayo.jpg


Holidays are all about still being able to enjoy yourself, but making better choices that won’t kill your progress and not throw you off track. So, here’s some great “better for you picks” for Cinco de Mayo.


Roasted Vegetables Enchiladas

Fish Tacos

Crock Pot Chicken Santa Fe


Skinny Sunrise Cocktail


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Good afternoon! Bootycall this morning was three rounds of the malibooty workout! M1 was the same smoothie as yesterday and M2 was a huge apple. M3 was amazing! I cut a pepper in half and smeared some avocado in it. I topped it with one egg and two egg whites I cooked this morning. Definitely recommend making this. Today is a busy day! Looking forward to my run and kettle ball workout



Hubby working late so dinner for one…well actually 3  grilled carribean jerk chicken, roasted red potatoes, green beans, and my favorite, baby spinach!  seriously, I put spinach with EVERYTHING! MmmMmm

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