Toddler Sensory Activity: Edible Finger Paint

May 14, 2014

One fun new thing about Logan being a toddler is that we are in the process of starting to explore new things.

While he loves all his little toys and books that are stockpiling up in our house. He’s so curious now about new textures, how things move/work/function, bright colors, noise makers, and things that he can do on his own. Such an independent little man.

I’ve decided to really try and dedicate some time to doing things at home that will help Logan learn and grow. I mean, after all, that’s my job right?! While looking around for some ideas I started to come across a lot of mentions of Tot School. And no, it’s not actual schooling per say. Logan is too little for “school”, but Tot School is perfect, because it’s focused time with your tot, exposing early learning skills through fun play.

After finding a T-O-N TON ton of ideas on Pinterest I was super excited to start doing some Tot School Activities at home with Logan. And of course, I’m gonna share them all with you!!

I thought that Logan would love to try doing edible finger paint. He could squish his fingers in the paint. It’s bright colors. And heck, he could just make a mess. [Edible of course, because Logan is still in the habit of exploring with his mouth — when does this end?]

I laid out our paint sheet under neath his highchair, mixed up the finger paint, and away we went. I taped down some construction paper to his highchair and poured out a few blobs of paint and said “Logan you wanna paint?” I guess I thought that he would just immediately start sticking his hands in it and going crazy, but the opposite happened. He had no clue what was happening. Keep in mind that he’s usually only in the highchair to eat, maybe that’s where my first problem was.

So I stuck my fingers in and spread out the colors and started making my funny faces. That was enticing enough and he poked his little fingers in. He swirled for just a minute and then was over it. Thinking that he might actually not like the feel in his hands, he’s not a fan of having things stick to his hands, I got out a little paint brush and things got much better. He was smashing the brush down, whipping it around, mixing colors, and smiling!

Then of course, the brush went right to his mouth. Apparently colored flour tastes good because the brush suddenly became a spoon.

A little longer of the painting and then he was over it. The whole time though I was trying to continuously say the colors, talk to him about the feeling of the paint [cold, sticky, wet].

Next time maybe I’ll be brave enough to let him pour paint back and forth from the containers. This was such a fun way though to try something new, using things at home, and let Logan really go as crazy as he wanted to.

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