New Year – New Goals – 31 Days of Organization

January 5, 2015

Well, it’s here, the New Year.

I’m not one to make resolutions per say, but I do like to try and set some goals or focus on a theme for the year. And this year my theme is ORGANIZATION. A mother’s dream and nightmare all in one. When your life is taken over by a baby it can be easy to suddenly find yourself scatter brained, papers every where, toys piling up, pre-pregnancy clothes and maternity clothes exploding out of your closet, and feeling way behind on household chores.

I’m hoping to put an end to that craziness this year and get my house cleaned, organized, and functioning better. Logan will be starting DayCare this week, so a few free days a week will leave me with plenty of time to start tackling things little by little.

Because I have no idea where to start or where to begin, I’ve been using the first few days of 2015 to research organizing. I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Pinterest and blogs are making it easy for me to come up with a plan of attack.

The thing I’ve seen most frequently through all these posts it to kind of do a walk through of your house and just start writing down things that you want to clear out or things that are making your days less efficient. Then, break them up either by doing one a day or one a week.

I figured, go big or go home, so I’m going to try and do one thing each day for the month of January and see where that leaves me by February. Then I can reassess or start adding more things to the list, maybe even start doing some fun house projects.

To make sure I stick to my tasks, I’m going to write each one in my day planner and try to keep that as my focus. This way I don’t really let it out of my site.

Here’s what my list looks like. Wanna join me in 31 days to getting organized? What’s on your list?

January 1: Come up with an action plan to get organized

January 2: Create a budget. Tightening up our finances and paying more attention to bills, savings, and budgeting.

January 3: Create envelope system. Make envelopes for grocery, entertainment, and personal spending to help stay on track with out budget and to stop spending mindlessly.

January 4: Clean out purse/diaper bag. Take everything out, get rid of trash, organize wallet, take out make up that I’m not using.

January 5: Clean out master closet. Get rid of clothes that haven’t been worn in a year or that don’t fit. Put away seasonal clothes. Get new bins for sweaters and items that can’t be hung up.

January 6: Clean out fridge/freezer. Take everything out, wash shelves, throw away expired item or condiments that aren’t being used.

January 7: Clean out pantry. Take everything out, wipe off shelves, throw away things that aren’t being used, try to get rid of boxes and bulky items, organize by categories and get new containers if needed.

January 8: Organize baking cabinet. Take everything out, wipe out cabinet, remove items that are hardly used or broken, organize sprinkles/food colors/paper baking cups.

January 9: Organize kitchen hutch. Take everything out, windex glass and dust out drawer, donate any tableware items that aren’t being used, declutter blog prop drawer.

January 10: Clean out kitchen drawer. Pull out all items, wipe out drawer, use drawer organizers to categorize things.

January 11: Clean out coat closet. Remove any coats/mittens/scarves that aren’t being used, clean out running gear drawer.

January 12: Clean out bathroom cabinets. Pull out all items, wipe out cabinets, throw out beauty products that aren’t being used, use bins to feminine products, nail polish, make up, rags, all categorized together, throw away expired medicines and take note of items that need to be restocked.

January 13: Clean out shoe bin. Remove any shoes that haven’t been worn in a year, or are falling apart.

January 14: Clean out tv stand in bedroom.  Go through DVD’s and remove any that we won’t need/watch, throw away junk that’s stored in there.

January 15: Organize memory box. Use a photo album to keep track of tickets, cards, pictures, notes, then use a better box and dividers to organize large memory items.

January 16: Computer clean out. Transfer pictures to external hard drive, delete unused documents, clean out recycle bin.

January 17: Toy clean out. Remove toys that Logan no longer plays with, get better bins to keep track of current toys being used and start to plan a play room.

January 18: Fill out planner with important dates. Go through phone contacts and calendar and write down all birthday, anniversaries, special dates to remember in my day planner.

January 19; Revisit tasks list. Has anything been skipped or not completed? Use today to catch up on items that still need work.

January 20: Clean out bookshelf. Donate books that aren’t being used, get rid of binders and papers that aren’t needed, dust off shelves.

January 21: Clean out guest room. Go through guest room dresser and get rid of junk in drawers, find a place for each item that’s being kept to go to, organize wrapping paper area.

January 22: Clean baseboards. Go through the whole house and clean baseboards and touch up any paint chipped areas.

January 23: Organize AdvoCare stuff. Find a bin for all products to be stockpiled in, organize contact binders, create a bulletin board to keep track of team progress and appointments.

January 24: Clean ceiling fans. Clean off blades, remove light bowls and wash out.

January 25: Create a box for Logan’s artwork and projects.

January 26: Clean up laundry room. Wipe up spilled detergent, sweep up tile, clear off laundry room shelf and throw away any random items.

January 27: Work on Logan’s baby book. Not something I’ll be able to finish in a day, but something that’s needs to be started!

January 28: Clean out Logan’s closet. Sort through clothes, store clothes that don’t fit. Go through toy bins and store what’s not being used in the attic.

January 29: Clean kitchen appliances. Clean out oven, dishwasher, microwave. Polish stainless steel.

January 30: Clean out linen closet. Get rid of old towels and rags. Fold blankets neatly. Find better storage for smaller linen items. Sort through Logan’s craft items and store/organize them better.

January 31: Clean windows. Vacuum out window seals, wipe down blinds, clean the windows.

And there you have it! 31 day to my cleaner more organized house, and hopefully less anxiety. Can you think of anything I missed? Are you ready to start cleaning and organizing with me?!


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1 Emma January 5, 2015 at 3:03 am

Awesome plan and what a detailed and handy little list you created Steph!


I just did a massive declutter of our entire apartment and it feels so good!

Here’s to a more organised, stress free year for all!!!!


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