Holly: 44 and 45 Weeks Old

January 23, 2017

What a crazy couple of weeks.

It started off with Logan getting sick and within two days, both kids were super sick and I found myself in the doctor’s office with both kids having low grade RSV. Luckily, because we cam back a few hours later to have their oxygen checked, we were in the clear to not have to go to the hospital. The doctor just had us using our nebulizer at home for breathing treatments and using amoxicillin to help with ear infections. It’s always so sad when the kids get sick. But within a few days they were both back to almost normal.

While the kids were sick though, it threw off all their appetite big time. Holly seemed to all the sudden not be interested in solids at all. She was loving just sucking on frozen yogurt bark and oranges and that was about it.

I feel like that whole week [44] we were just stuck in the house with not a whole lot happening.

But, the next week things got back on track and almost seemed like Holly developed even more in a week. She is suddenly such a big girl it seems. She is understanding so many things, and I feel like this week her personality has progressed so much. She’s starting to do things that she knows is funny and cracks up laughing because of it. For example, she knows how to give me a “donk” now — forehead to forehead bump. She thinks this is hilarious, so now when i ask her to do it, she anticipates it and starts laughing before she even starts leaning her head in towards mine.

She is all about trying to share her food or feed us. She’s got this obsession with putting things in anyone’s mouth. She’s getting so good at using her spoons, and is even starting to scrape up a little bit of food on her own. Speaking of food, we went to my parent’s house for dinner and had salmon and wild rice, and you would have thought that wild rice was the new hot thing. She ate, literally, like a 1/2 cup of rice. It was the craziest thing.

She’s loving [and getting good at] eating from her snack bowl. Mastering the skill of not knocking it over and really getting each little bite out of the cup. Her and Logan love sitting in the living room and eating cheerios together, my heart melts! We’re starting to get make-shift words now. “Mama” has been something that she has said probably since she was 5 months old. But, now she says “ma” for milk. I will ask her if she wants a snack and she smacks her lips together. “Bra-bra” for Logan. And if you ask her if she wants water she goes “ma-ma-ma”.

I was able to put her hair in it’s first ponytail. It was the cutest little sprout on top of her head. And man, I can’t even imagine when she has enough hair for me to actually do.

Some random things: she loves to be in the cold, it makes her happy, and she sleeps better when it’s cold. She loves going for walks. Remote controls are her jam. She loves helping with the laundry.

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