Taking a Mom Day

January 30, 2017

We all need one….and don’t get one very often.

We spend most of our time taking care of our whole family. Making sure they’re fed [more than just snack packs and graham crackers….although some days I feel like that’s all the effort I have to give]. Cleaning the house, doing the 101 loads of laundry and still looking for that damn missing sock, wiping the boogies that never seem to stop, wiping the tears over taken toys, paying the bills, teaching ABCs. Then of course there’s still trying to have time with the husband, conversations other than what the kids did today, working on a marriage that definitely has is fair share of good and bad days. What’s left over, isn’t a whole lot. There’s also the aspect of working from home. Which has it’s benefits, and it’s hardships. I am my own boss, which can be great in terms of being at home and creating my own schedule. But, it requires that I’m self motivated, very organized, and not really having set work hours.

That little bit that’s left over leaves me feeling exhausted, unconnected to me, anxious, and constantly thinking that there’s still something that I need to be doing.

So, guess what. I implemented a Mom’s Day every month for myself. [and you should too].

I thought of this through my Powersheets Workbook. In kind of diving in to what I’m missing for myself and goals I have, things I need, ways to discover all this, I realized that what I really need is a day all to myself. To sit in a coffee shop, go get my haircut, go to a movie, have lunch and a drink by myself. I don’t ever do this for me. My “alone” time is still work…I’m either grocery shopping, or working out, or running errands. I’m never just doing something calm and happy for myself. So, on my “wishlist” and action steps to finding my happiness, I wrote Mom’s Day — no kids, no hubby, no work, just me.

I spent the other day getting my haircut, reading a book, and sitting alone having lunch and a drink. It was like going on a mini-vacation, and just allowed my brain to breathe. I was able to come home, recharged and kind of feeling like my mom tank was refueled.

I now am scheduling Moms Day in to my calendar each month and making no excuses to just sit and be with me.

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