Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas

January 31, 2017

With two kids now, it can be rough to find some “adult” time. With Valentine’s Day coming up I want to make sure that I do something special with Lucas. We’re in desperate need of a little more one on one time, but getting out of the house alone can be tricky. So, I thought of a few ideas to implement throughout the month to get us back in to celebrating each other. Cuz, let’s get real — without us, there is no US.

  1. Movie Night – I mean, duh. Curl up on the couch together with a bowl of brownie a la mode and watch a movie. And if you’re having a hard time contemplating what to watch, then let him pick the genre, and you pick the tile. Team work…even when watching movies.
  2. New Age Mixed Tape – gone are the days of sitting and spending hours and hours making the perfect mixed tape. So, instead, each of you create a playlist with a few of your favorite songs. Maybe they’re from your first date, your wedding, a night out, a song that reminds you of him, a song that tells your love story, one you love to shake your booty too. When the kids are in bed, pour yourself a glass of wine or shake up a cocktail and play your playlists. Maybe you start to dance in the living room, maybe you sit and reminisce, or maybe…..well, anyways. Music makes the world go round!
  3. Massages – take turns giving each other a foot rub or a neck rub. The power of touch is incredible. A 5 minute massage can really re-ignite a moment of love and passion.
  4. Cooking Challenge – on his way home from work, he picks up the grocery items, when he gets home, you take those ingredients and make a meal. It’s like cooking together, but with a little twist. Maybe you even feed the kids first, get them down for bed, and sit together alone at the table with a few candles.

….and if you’re looking for a few ways to reignite that romantic passion, or maybe you’re looking to help with self love and personal physical balance, then you should join me Thursday night for a special FB Live Essential Oil Class! My friend Melody and I are co-hosting a special Intimacy and Oils Class, and just in time for Valentine’s Day. We’re covering everything from self love to physical love to emotional love.

It starts at 7pm EST on Thursday, Feb 2 [but will be up and open for a few days to watch at anytime]. If you’re interested in attending, leave a comment or send me and email at stephsbitebybite[at]gmail[dot]com.

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