Holly’s First Birthday Plans

February 3, 2017

Holy balls — I cannot believe I am about to have [another] one year old.

Holly turning one has me a little sad, because she has just been such a good, sweet, kind hearted little baby, that I’m almost sad to see these days go. She’s changing so much now and so fast. Everyday is different and every day she adds a new task to the growing list of things she can do and understand. Having her be my second little babe, I realize now how quickly things change, and have kind of stopped wishing for time to speed up.

Her first birthday is less than a month away, and while I can’t believe it’s almost here, I also need to get my boot-ay in to party gear.

We’re going with unicorn theme for her birthday and I think it’s just going to be the sweetest little thing. I swear, I’m up all night looking everyday at new ideas on Pinterest. I have such a love/hate relationship with that site! Her party is kind of in the middle of the day, so we’ll be having lunch and snacks for our guests. My mind is going crazy with thoughts of rainbow fairy bread sandwiches, hot dog on a stick wands, rainbow fruit trays, unicorn punch, rainbow rice krispie treats, and unicorn horn cupcakes. [you can see all these pins on my pinterest board under “Baby Birthday“]

For her decorations, I hit the jack pot at Target and their Dollar Spot — which hello, everything should be a dollar, not three and five dollars. But, whatevs. I found a slew of unicorn colored decorations — think pale pinks, purple, turquoise, gold. Maybe with v-day and spring coming, I planned the right theme? I’ve got balloons, banners, glass cups to use as candy holders, felt roses, paper fans, and buckets. There’s still some other things I need to get out and find/make. I want the backdrop for the food table to be this whimsical cloud and lighting, kind of like this.

And you can’t have a first birthday party without a party dress and matching unicorn headband!

I plan to print out all of her weekly pictures too and hang those around the house to see how much she’s changed in these 52 weeks. Oh my precious Holly rainbow babe, this last year has meant more to me than you will ever know!

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