Holly: 46 Weeks Old

February 6, 2017

I think we’re on the verge of a few new teeth.

The last few days Holly has been super clingy, really fussy, acting like a crazy girl, and we just couldn’t figure it out. Then this morning she woke up and her top gum is a little swollen and there’s some changes happening where the two front teeth should be. I don’t see any tooth buds yet or actually sings of a tooth. But, instead of her gums being that pinkish color, they’re getting a little more on the white side and even though they’re swollen, they’re starting to thin out a little. This probably sounds like crazy talk, but if you’ve had a teething baby, I think it makes sense. If it is teeth, then I’m hoping that they get moving, so that she won’t be dealing with that during her first birthday.

It’s crazy how different Logan and Holly are when it comes to teeth. Logan, at this age had almost all of his teeth in already. Around his first birthday, he was already starting to work on molars. And here little Holly girl is just hanging out with her two little bottom front teeth.

First birthday planning is in full effect. Invitations have gone out, and I’m starting to round up party decorations. I swear, every night before I go to bed, I’m scrolling through pinterest looking for new ideas. Unicorns are starting to take over my mind! But I can’t wait for her little unicorn party, I think it’s just gonna be so fun.

This girl is starting to take over. She’s learning now to fake cry when Logan or mommy or daddy take something away from her. It’s the most pathetic, hilarious thing. And she’ll pause in the middle of it to see if anyone is paying attention to her. I took the kids to the library last week, and her and Logan started playing chase through the book isles. There’s no keeping this girl quiet. She loves to bang on things, babble out loud, squeal, and most of all she loves to be around and do anything that Logan is doing. Watching them together, I sometimes find myself wondering how did I get here so fast.


Bath time is starting to get out of control. All Holly wants to do is splash, splash, splash, or try and stand up. So, Lucas has been having to resort to washing her fast, letting her splash a few times, and then she’s out, otherwise it turns in to chaos. Speaking of bath, we’ve been trying to keep her to only being washed every other day. This girl has got some seriously sensitive skin. We’re starting to see big eczema patches on her, and we’re wondering if it’s from the bath. I’ve changed out our bath soap and laundry to be completely chemical free [they’re from Young Living and they’re amazing]. I also have been making a rub for her with Coconut Oil, Rose, and Lavender to help with soothing and repair.

But, my mind is starting to wonder abut something. The other day I gave her some yogurt, which she loved sooo much. So I gave her some more the next morning, and later in the day as a snack. That is when, in the evening we noticed a huge flair up on her leg. Like, some of the biggest patches I’ve ever seen, and a lot more intense in color and texture. I kept the dairy out for a few days and the patches are starting to reside. Seriously wondering if she’s got a sensitivity to dairy. I’m waiting for her to get back to normal, and then will test out the yogurt again to see.

This week Holly is loving to play in the dirt at the park, she’s sleeping through the night [!!!!!!!!!!], diaper changes are instantly a time where she gets upset, she’s attempting to free stand but really can only manage to let one hand go, wants to drive trucks and trains around the house just like Logan, and is usually always standing up in her crib now babbling and waiting for someone to come get her.

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