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February 11, 2017

Are you ever curious about what someone else’s day looks like?

Well, I mean, we must be, since we’re like crazy social media addicts. But, I thought I’d give you guys an hour by hour break down of how a day around our house looks.

5:15am – I get up out of bed and start my quiet time. I sit with my Bible, I’m following the She Reads Truth bible plan, so I read that day’s scripture. Then I take a few minutes and do my devotional in Pressing Pause. If you are a mommy, you have got to get this book! It makes me feel like I’m not so alone, and that my mommy feelings are normal. And I then write out some prayers for myself, family, friends, world, in my prayer journal. This is something new I’ve been doing since the start of the year, and I can’t even tell you the difference it has been making for me and my family.

6:15am – Logan usually is up by this time, so I get him a little snack bowl of cheerios and raisins, and send him back to his room until his Ok to Wake clock comes on. Of course, it takes us a few minutes, because he thinks I’m telling him to go back to sleep and he’s trying to make me understand that he’s not tired. Got it dude, loud and clear, so just play with some trucks. Problem solved and I start doing my workout in the living. Diffuser is turned on and the sweat session begins.

7:15am – Holly is waking up just as I’m finishing my last few moves. And by this time, Logan is out in the living room with me, his clock goes off at 6:45 for him to come out. Logan runs to Holly’s room and climbs in her bed. I love hearing them laughing and bouncing together in her crib. I sit and nurse Holly, Logan tells us stories, and we get Holly’s diaper changed.

8:15am – Breakfast is just starting to make it’s way to everyone’s plates [or trays]. We’ve got Christian music playing in the background [a new thing we’ve been doing….seriously trying to keep the TV and phones off]. Logan is up and down 101 times in his chair. And I feel like I’ve said “please sit down” more than I ever thought I would in one given day. This time can be a stressful time for us, because we’re also trying to get Logan ready for school. But, I try to just breathe through the crazy.

9:15am – Logan and Dad are out the door to school and it’s just Holly and I now until 1:30. She plays around with trucks and trains while I clean up the kitchen. I can’t stand to have a mess left anywhere, so the kitchen gets tidied up, beds get made, diffuser gets replenished, a load of laundry gets started.

10:15am – Holly is ready for naptime. I nurse her in her room and while I nurse I either read on my Nook or scroll through Instagram. Once I’ve got her laid down, I make a cup of hot tea and start looking and tackling the to-do list. I respond to work tasks, post in our team FB groups, catch up on the blog, or anything else that I don’t like to be doing when the kids are home and awake.

11:15am – Holly girl is still sleeping so I keep on working. I check our budget, and reevaluate our cash envelopes [another new thing I started trying in 2017]. I sit down and look at my Powersheets and see if there’s anything in my small action steps that I can work on. Ahh, yes, I’m trying to get better at sending out handwritten notes and cards once a month, so I write out a few of those.

12:15pm – She’s awake! And I’m starving. I throw together lunch for us, always salad for me, and a mish-mosh of food for Holly. She’s totally in to fruit, yogurt, and noodles right now.

1:15pm – We’re out the door and off to pick up Logan. As I’m driving I’m sending voice texts to friends, these save my life. I rarely send text messages now, because voice texts are just so much better and easier. Or I listen to personal growth calls or work trainings. I seriously try to take advantage of every single minute in my day to be productive, and check things off my lists.

2:15pm – It is actually sunny and warm out today, so we’ve decided to run off some more energy at the park. I love going to the park on weekdays because there’s like no one there. And with Logan running wild and Holly not able to play on all the equipment, parking can be hard by myself. So to not have a ton of other kids around makes it easier for me to keep my eye on everyone.

3:15pm – Logan’s bummed that it’s time to go home, but perks up when I mention hot chocolate. Once summer comes, it’s going to be hard to break our little hot cocoa dates. I just like doing a little something special for him and getting him a hot chocolate on our drive home. Holly is babbling away in her carseat, and I know she’s desperate for her own hot cocoa. One day.

4:15pm – The kids are busy playing with toys while I am starting to work on dinner. Yes. I start dinner around 4:15 or 4:30, so that we’re sitting down to eat by 5:15.  I never thought I would live that life, but it’s totally happened, and I’m totally ok with it. We’re definitely living the family life. This is always my hardest time of the day, and today I don’t know if I’m going to make it through. Holly has just come over and is stage 4 clinging to my leg. She just wants me to hold her and feed her, but I’m scurrying to get the turkey in the skillet. In the high chair she goes and a pile of cherrios and strawberries are dumped in front of her.

5:15pm – Logan is running back and forth through the kitchen screaming to make Holly laugh, the dogs are trying to grab up every dropped bit of food, and my brain is about to explode. Lucas has just walked in the door and is standing right in my pathway to get from the island to the stove and back to the island. My tension is building high right now, and this is when I literally start praying for peace, calm, and deep breaths. Lucas can tell that things are turning in to crazy town and that I’m about to blow…so he slowly starts to back away and tries to get Logan to go with him.

6:15pm – Dinner is just finishing up, and I survived. Is it bad that this is my thought every night when I sit down for dinner? We’ve had an hour long battle of trying to get Logan to eat his turkey. “I don’t like turkey, I just like cheese. And I don’t want my banana cut like this, I want a new banana and it tobe big, not cut up. Mom, why you put this [aspargus] on my plate, I don’t like that. Can I have some m&ms” no joke. Holly on the other hand would lick her tray clean if she could, and has spent the last ten minutes trying to wriggle out of her chair. Lucas takes the kids to the bath and I am on kitchen duty — which is a fair trade to have a few moments to myself. While I wash the dishes I actually have youtube videos playing. Videos about budgeting, or organizing, or homeschooling — I know, it’s weird but that’s what I watch.

7:15pm – Lucas and I divide and conquer now, he gets Logan and I’m in Holly’s room rocking her to sleep and reading The 10x Rule. Meh, not my favorite, but I’m almost finished, so just chugging along with it. I lay her down and when i come out, Logan peeks his head out of his room and asks for a snack and for me to read him a book. I grab Logan some grapes and a bagel and go back to read him a few of our latest library book list. I sing him twinkle twinkle, he gives me the sweetest hug, we play our little kissing game, and I say good night.

8:15pm – I’m exhausted and have just finished eating my protein yogurt dessert. Lucas has one of his man shows on, and I’m ready to go to bed. I start the tea kettle, go wash my face and brush my teeth, fix my cup of hot tea and tell Lucas goodnight. I sit in bed sipping my tea, I’ve got the latest Fixer Upper episode on, and take 10 minutes to journal and another 5 minutes to think about what I need to put on my to-do list for tomorrow. I just realized I never changed the load of laundry, so I get out of bed and put the wet clothes in the dryer. Back in bed, and watching the end of Fixer Upper…kind of not in to this season…so I’m scrolling though pinterest, looking at unicorn party ideas and war room inspirations.

9:15pm – Ok, seriously, I need to go to sleep….just two more minutes of unicorn ideas. Oh wait, I need to start thinking about Logan’s birthday too. So, I check out some Toy Story party ideas.

10:15pm – Finally passed out asleep

12:45am – Holly is waking up and doing some little whines. I go in her room, rock and nurse her, scroll through Instagram, and now am craving the cheesecake I just saw posted. Back to bed, and ready to do it all again.

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1 Jeannette February 21, 2017 at 11:32 am

I LOVE that your routine is so precise and includes little things for you (like reading). I am having a hard time just balancing work, school (studying, reading, homework, attending, etc), husband, family, and friends. I’m trying to get back into working out, having some semblance of a social life, and making a little time each day for myself. Maybe I need to evaluate where my time goes and go from there.


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