Holly: 48 Weeks Old

February 21, 2017

Oh Lordy, my Lordy.

What a week! Holly girl is going through some serious teething, and I think it’s making all of us a little nuts. Her top four front teeth are all heading in [or out]. And it’s been a tiring few days. She’s mostly in good spirits, but is extremely clingy and really just wants to be in contact with someone at all times. Yesterday I couldn’t really do much to keep her from fussing, so I put her in the stroller and we went out for a walk. Wouldn’t you know that she fell asleep when I was getting ready to start heading home. I figured that poor baby just needed to rest, so I kept walking until she woke up — an hour and 20 minutes later!! I’m really hoping these teeth break through before her birthday party.

One thing so fun about Holly right now though is that she loves to be outside. Since the weather has been nicer this week, we’ve been leaving the screen door open and she just sits right next to the screen forever looking outside, letting the breeze blow on her, and babbling about what she’s seeing. We’ve been able to spend more time out on the porch and she loves to crawl around, “organize rocks”, stand up against the slide, have bubbles blown at her face, and sit in the sunshine.

She’s also playing a lot with the little kitchen now, opening the doors, mixing up things with the spoons and bowls, and using the cups to drink. I always find her just standing over there in her own little world. I’m thinking for her birthday of getting her some kitchen things. Her fine motor skills are really progressing too, more than I realized. I gave her some pipe cleaners and a strainer and showed her how to poke the pipe cleaner in the holes, and boom, she did it immediately on her own. She’s able to pick objects up too and drop them in to small openings. So her hand eye coordination is on fire. She loves drawing on the magnadoodle, Logan thinks she’s drawing grasshoppers. Turning book pages are also a favorite.

We’ve seen her stand [for a few seconds] free style, without holding on to anything. She’s also trying to do climbing motions. She will try to lift her leg up on a chair or on boxes or in her crib. I’m sure having Logan as her role model is making all these things happen way faster, and it’s freaking me out.

Holly has also become a fork and spoon girl. She isn’t in to eating food with her fingers so much right now, but you give her a fork and she’s ready to poke it all up and put it in her mouth. This week her eating has been a little off because of the teeth, but she’s loving shrimp, raisins, grapes, rice, lasagna, peas, pancakes, and anything dairy — yogurt, cheese cubes, cheese shreds, froyo. We went to have frozen yogurt this week and little miss was sitting in her carrier demanding ‘mmmmo, moooooo’ after every bite we gave her.

Some random things I’ve heard her say are kitty, night-night, and woof. And one of our favorite things right now is to ask her to give us a kiss, and she leans in to each of us to give us the sloppiest kiss and just laughs, laughs, laughs.

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