Holly: 49 and 50 Weeks Old

February 27, 2017

I’m having to combine two weeks together, because somehow I missed one, and we’re already heading in to birthday week!

We’ve been dealing with some serious emotions over here. The two front teeth are reeking havoc and taking over everything. Holly has been more agitated this week and just acting waaaaay outside of her personality. Usually she is so easy going, and just free spirited, but not this week. Everything that we do she’s mad at, or crying. Napping had turned to a struggle, and I just felt like I was at my end. I found that if I took her out for a walk [thank goodness we had that spurt of 75 degree weather] she was so happy. She’d just ride along in the stroller and within 16 minutes she’d be asleep. Thank the lord. So, I decided that since she wasn’t getting any sleep, that I’d just walk and walk until she woke up. Yeah, that turned in to an hour and a half walk. But, at least she slept!

In the moments between tears though, this little girl just lights up my soul. She’s doing sooo many things now that it’s almost hard to keep up with. Her blanket obsession is still going strong. She loves to shake her blankie around in the living room and roll around with it. I swear she’s playing her own little game that only she understands, because she’ll throw the blanket and start crawling away from it so fast, then turn back at it and go in to full attack mode and just laugh laugh laugh while she wrestles with the blanket.

She’s woofing and meowing now, it’s very subtle but it’s there. She also saw a little toy stuffed kitty and pointed right to it and said “kitty”. She can use the building blocks we have now to build her own little tower of blocks right next to Logan. The other day she got it about 6 blocks high. We also went to a friend’s birthday party at the indoor soccer field and Holly had such a blast crawling across the turf, chasing soccer balls, and crawling through the parachute tunnels.

She loves to waive bye to every one, and give kisses on demand [my favorite thing]. She’s sneaky too, her little sippy cup isn’t as cool as Logan’s thermos, so anytime it’s lying around she crawls right over to it and starts drinking it as fast as she can.

Her baby sign-language is just starting, I actually need to get better at doing it more with her, but she’s got “all done” down. It’s a little wild, and her hands flail about, but it’s definitely her sign that she’s all done. And holy cow, this girl loves black olives. She ate like 23 of them at my mom’s house the other night. Who knew!

We’ve had a few moments of her standing free-handed, but literally last just seconds.

In preparation for her birthday we’ve started randomly singing happy birthday and her face just lights up with the cheeziest smile. Oh this girl.

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