Holly: 51 and 52 Weeks Old

March 6, 2017

Well, we made it. One year!

It is the most surreal feeling ever to have Holly turn a year old. I can literally remember each and every moment of the last week of her being in my belly and leading up to her birth. And now, here we are. A one year old, with two teeth, four on the way, crawling, standing, climbing, talking, and just growing faster than I want her to.

I’m going to be sad to not be doing her weekly updates anymore, and almost cried after I snapped the last chalkboard picture.

I will be doing a totally separate post on Holly’s birthday [which, if you follow me on Instagram…oh-my-word….unicorns everywhere!]

So, let’s get to it then. Holly is a roller coaster of emotions the last few weeks. I think now that she’s getting older, she’s learning how to purposely throw a fit or cry to get what she wants. I’m trying not to give in to it as much as I did with Logan. But, also wanting to give her comfort, because I know all those teeth are busting through too.

One fun thing though that’s happening right now is the stage of copy-cat. If one of us does something, Holly immediately copies it. Hence the fit throwing, because Logan is suddenly in a fit throwing mood too. But, some funnier ones are her copying us as we bop our hand on our mouths. She saw Logan pretending to be a puppy and eating spilled cereal off the floor, so she totally bent in half from a sitting position and mouthed up a pice of cereal off the floor. It’s just so funny to watch the things she’s picking up on.

Right now she is looooving being outside. With the weather being warmer, we leave the back door open and her and Logan can go in and out playing outside. my heart is just exploding watching them playing in the backyard together, sharing snacks, and having their own little giggles together. The favorite part of the yard right now is the sand box/dirt pit. She would play probably for an hour out in the dirt. She loves to squish the sand and dig it, and just sit in it.

I haven’t yet given her a cup of cow’s milk, but it’s coming! I wanted to go to the Pediatrician first, and have her one year wellness check up before I gave her the milk. And that happens tomorrow. Which, we’re excited to see how much she weighs and how tall she is. I’m honestly a little sad that it’s time to start giving her a different kind of milk other than breast milk. Can you tell I’m not ready for her to be big.

She just wants to be a part of everything right now. She’s helping me unload the dishwasher, she loves helping with laundry, she is soooo good at picking up toys. She’s a smart little cookie too. I gave the kids some lucky charms and Holly went through and picked out all the marshmallows [like 5] and only ate those! And when I give her a little snack bowl she loves to shake it out all over the floor. So, yesterday I put the lid on it that she has to poke her hand through to get the snacks, just so that she couldn’t shake them all over the place. Well, this girl outsmarted me. She used one finger to hold down the flap and then started shaking the cup so cereal was flying everywhere. I seriously couldn’t even believe she did that.

The best thing about this last week though is the unexpected kisses that she crawls over to give me. I just hope that I will always remember those sweet little baby lips and the way she comes at me open mouthed and smiling.

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