Logan’s Fourth Birthday

April 3, 2017

Wouldn’t you know it that we woke up to a day filled of rain…and SNOW!

Yes, seriously. I was getting ready to have a house full of four year olds, and it was snowing, raining, and sleeting outside. But, we told ourselves that it didn’t really matter. I mean, obviously, not like we could change the party plans. And you know what, it all worked out just fine, and the Toy Story Party was a huge success.

This was the first year that Logan actually picked the theme for his party. All the other years, he’s been a little too little to understand it all. Having his input was actually a lot of fun, and him seeing all the ideas and decorations starting to come together was priceless.

We spent the day before the party starting to set up the backdrop, which he helped me with by cutting out the clouds. We used Andy’s bedroom wallpaper as the initial set up for our display table, and just kind of grew from there. As soon as we got the backdrop finished, Logan just kept laughing about it and saying that he couldn’t believe this was Toy Story. And actually, his first request was a Woody party, so that’s why it’s more “cowboy” geared than anything.

We did some fun cow prints, and stuck to the basic Woody colors of red, blue, and yellow. After it was all set up, I was so proud of how it turned out, and just thought it was such a fun theme for a birthday party. We already had sooooo many of the Toy Story toys [some were mine from when Toy Story first came out!], that we really only had to spend our money on the paper materials for the party. And you guys. if you aren’t using the Dollar Tree for your party needs, then you’re missing out! I use their table cloths, plate ware, silver ware, streamers, and lots of other little finds to decorate on the cheap!

With the kids being a little older, we wanted to make sure we had some games to play. We had cowboy hats and sheriffs badges for all the kids when they came in, which was so fun. There was a small break in the rain, so we took them out back for a silly string shoot out. Kids and silly string is a guaranteed hit. Then we played “build a Mr. Potato Head”. I bought some craft paper from the dollar store and cut out a giant potato and his parts. Then each kid got to pic their part and tape it up on Mr. Potato Head. I have to say, except the nose, that this potato head turned out way better than I thought it would.

After the games, we sang Happy Birthday, passed out the incredible sheriff hat cupcakes that my mom made, and it was time for presents. Logan’s reaction to each present was so hilarious. He would open it and say things like “oh my goodness, I didn’t know there was this toy in here” or “whoa, let’s see what this present is going to be”. It was just so fun to watch him actually enjoying each and every party process.

As crazy as party planning can be, it’s brings my heart so much joy when I see these little faces light up. And as sad as I am to see Logan growing so fast, he is turning in to the sweetest little guy.

Oh my Logan, I think back to the days that it was just me and you hanging out together all day long. To watch you learn, grow, and transform in to this wild, loving, energizer bunny, smart, strong willed little man is just breathtaking. Every day when you tell me you “love me the mostest, most”, my heart just beams. You are more than I ever dreamed and you have opened my eyes to what the joys of life are really supposed to be. Happy birthday my sweet little Logie.

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