Fitness Friday

April 7, 2017

Hellllllo APRIL!!

I mean, can you seriously believe that Spring is already upon us? This first quarter of the year has gone by so fast. I feel like I will be drafting up a Christmas list before I realize it.

Since it’s a new month, are you setting some new goals?! New months and new yearly quarters are such a great time to re-evaluate our old goals, reassess our goals, and either make new goals or expand on the goals we haven’t yet achieved. April for me is a month that brings on a lot of newer goals and mostly outdoor goals, since the sun is out now and the birds are chirping. Something about all of that just kind of awakens my mind and brings a roaring excitement for new goals.

I would love to hear what your April goals are!
Here’s mine:
1. Start training [ or getting the plans set ] for a marathon in October
2. Make/drink one green juice at least 3 times a week
3. Incorporate a yoga day [or night] in to my workouts
4. More family evening walks

And with that, let’s get to our first Fitness Friday workout of the month!

This one is geared towards that summertime prep and getting ready to start sitting poolside. This is a mixture of abs and a few legs, because when you work your legs, it’s in turn working those abs. And hey, burning that muffin top but toning the legs is like a win-win right?

So, you’re gonna do this workout in sets. Do each move 15 times, then rest, move to the next set, rest, finish the last set and then repeat the whole thing 2 more times. Grab some water, and get ready to feel the burn! Don’t forget to share your sweat pics too using the #chooseu tag on Instagram so that I can see you working it out!

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