We bought a {play} house

April 10, 2017

I seriously think that one of my biggest mommy dreams just came true.

When I was a little girl, for my 6th [maybe 7th??] birthday, my parents surprised me with a big ole pink play house. I would spend hours in there. Practicing my mommy skills, little did I know how much all that play time would come in handy but also in no way prepare me for the realness of mom life. I would play school, I was always the teacher and my younger neighbors were the students. I would even make activity sheets for them all to do [like I do today]. My ocd skills started cultivating in that little pink play house with the tulip curtains and green carpet.

Looking back on those days now, I see a total projection of the person I would become when my little pink play house slowly transformed to the bigger adult 4 bedroom play house, with all the bills and responsibility, that I have now. I find almost 33 year old self reenacting some of those sweet play days that happened 21 years ago.

playhouse // polka dot dress // Toy Story shirt

So, to now have a little brown, shiplap-ish, modernized play house for my two little babes, is like a mommy goal suddenly being checked off my list of things I want to do for my kids. And now, the funny thing is, as a parent, I see this little house as a symbol. A symbol of what it really means to be a part of a household. My kids got to see the work that it took us [mostly Lucas] build the house. The time and energy, but also the positive thoughts we were putting in to the house while it was being built. What it means to have a safe place to call home. The responsibility you earn by being a homeowner. And of course, the family life, support, encouragement, and love the you build, grow, develop, and nurture inside that little home.

Yes, it may look like just a cute little play house, but there’s so much more to those four miniature sized walls than meets the eye.

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