Essential Oil of the Week – Stress Away

April 12, 2017

Before we get in to the oil of the week, I have something exciting to share with you!

If you guys are on Facebook, I would love for you to join me and one of my oily friends to hear about how to start reducing the use of chemicals in your home. I know a lot of us want to do this, but we have no idea how to start or what to do and just get overwhelmed.

Well, this class is for you! We’re calling it the Toxin Free Cleaning for the Hot Mess Mom Class! It’s gonna be a great introductory class and we’re kind of focusing on how to remove chemical cleaners from your home. The class is going to be done on our Facebook page, and I’d love to add you to it! We’re kicking the class off on Earth Day [April 22], but the class will run for a week, with a different tip/post each day. We’re also doing a few different giveaways that you don’t want to miss!

If you’d like to be added to the class, and are on Facebook, please leave a comment below or send me and email –

Ok, sooooo, on to the oil of the week.

Stress is something none of us can escape — at least I think.

I mean, if there’s a person out there who’s not dealing with stress, I wanna know who they are so I can ask them how they do it. Because, whoa, this mama is feeling the stress pinch like no one’s business.

Of course I’m trying all of the things to minimize my stress…
-Making to-do lists [which seem to help keep me organized, but also stress me out with how many things are on the list]
-Blocking off some dedicated work time so that work and mommy and home life are somewhat separate
-Drinking enough fluid and eating good food [helps the brain and body to not be physically stressed]
-Caving in to a few hours a week of the kids watching Moana or Mickey’s Roadster Racers [because they need breaks too]
-Spending one [literally, that’s all I have — ok maybe two] extra minutes in the shower to just breathe

But, even with all this, my mind feels like it’s in a hamster wheel. I even read Present Over Perfect, and while there’s soooo much of it I agree with, it almost feels like a fantasy. I mean, I don’t know how to say “no” or to slow down”. And I think I’ve just come to terms with this being my tornado season of life.

There is one thing I’ve been doing lately though that has made a huge difference for me, and that is using Stress Away oil every day. I don’t have a long description of what this oil does, because ummmmm, hello…it’s kind of right in the name. It helps to take that edge off, it helps to just give your brain that big deep breath, it’s an anxiety and hypertivity reliever, it helps with a sound, unsettling night’s sleep, it’s every mommy’s trick in that bag labeled Mom Tricks.

Here’s a few ways that I use it:
1. Apply a drop to my wrist in the morning when I’m getting the kids breakfast made, backpack packed, lunch box completed, workout done, load of laundry in, shower taken, tantrum ensuing, craziness of the kick off to our day.
2. Diffuse mid-day, when the craziness is still happening. Since Stress Away has a vanilla-y smell to it, I love to mix it with other oils to make “candy scented blends”. For example: Peppermint + Stress Away = Peppermint Patty. Orange + Stress Away = Creamsicle. Lime + Stress Away = Mojito. ahhhh, mojitos!
3. Diffuse at night with Lavender to help relieve the tension from the day.
4. If I’m having a moment where I’m feeling like a ticking time mom bomb, I rub a drop in my hands and just breathe it in.
5. Making phone calls for my business can be kind of intimidating, so I apply a dab on my finger and put it on the back of my neck to take away that anxious anxiety.
6. Add it to epsom salts and take a warm bath with it to relax from all the said above hot spots.

If you want to know more about essential oils and how they can help the overall wellness of your family and household, I’d love to share more with you, so leave a comment below or shoot me an email:

Have you used Stress Away before? Tell me how you’d use it to de-stress your house!

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