Easter 2017

April 17, 2017

I am loving these holidays more and more now that Logan is getting older and started to get excited about them.

Being woken up at 6am [although hard, because Holly was up all night, and the day before Logan legit puked his whole body weight on me at dinner] to his little voice saying “mama, you have to come seeeeeeee”, was the best little wake up call ever.

The Easter Bunny had left a jelly bean trail all around the house for Logan to follow and find little pieces of his Easter basket. It was so sweet watching him move on to the next part of the trail and taking a few minutes to sit with each new thing he was finding [his books mostly]. Lucas and I were laughing though because it was starting to take forever for him to get to the dang basket. We were ready to get a cup of much needed coffee and here Logan is reminiscing about each little jelly bean.

But, when he finally got to the Easter basket, he was through all the items in one minute flat. His favorite things being The Trolls [he says “da drolls”] movie and his diffuser bracelet that seconds as a little slap stick.

We had also planted our jelly beans in the garden a few days before Easter and had been giving them plenty of water. We like to make signs too and stick them in the garden so the Easter Bunny knows where we planted them, and that way we can see them grow in to lollipops on Easter morning. So, after the Easter basketing was done, I told Logan that there was one more thing to check.
“what, what is it mom?”
“well, remember what we’ve been watering” — then I sat and waited for a few minutes and watched that idea roll around in his head. I could literally see his brain working to figure out what I was talking about. Then BOOM.
We walked up to the garden and he just stood there, mouth dropped, finger pointing at the blooms of lollipops filling the bed.
Ekkkkkkk! Best thing ever!!

Holly woke up just a few minutes later and honestly she was being such a cranky pants, definitely not in to the whole Easter basket thing. She did love playing with her wooden slice and cut egg thought. And big shocker for this little baby movie addict, once Trolls was turned on, she could care less about anything else going on around her. Except for the bunny cinnamon roll, that was about the only other thing that grabbed her attention.

We spent the rest of the day over at my parents house doing egg hunts, which Logan is getting so competitive at, and eating waaaayyy too much ham and chocolate eggs. I think the holidays mean so much more to me now as a parent because I’m creating these traditions and memories for my little ones, and just cannot get over the excitement in their faces.

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