Earth Day Activities

April 24, 2017

Yes, as usually, I’m a few days late to the party.

Earth Day was Saturday, and we did some fun activities to celebrate it. But, hey, who says we can’t celebrate the Earth every day! I think it’s so important to help these little ones learn and understand just how special this big place is that we call home, and a few ways that we can take care of our little area on Earth.

Logan is [and has been] obsessed with trash and recycling. So, we talked a little about why we want to make sure that we’re always putting our trash in the the cans and not littering. And I helped kind of explain to him the difference between trash and recycling. Of course, now he thinks everything can be re-purposed. We use a lot of recycle items for activities in the house, so he was pretty adamant that nothing be thrown away and “we use this for an actibity”.

Something that really captured his attention was using our morning cinnamon rolls as a canvas for the Earth. I used some extra white frosting that I had on hand, added a few drops of blue and green, and wa-la…Earth colors! This kept hm busy for a while too, because he was back and forth between licking off the frosting and re-painting his globe.

Later we went outside in the sun and did a super fun Earth painting. Holly got to take part in this too, and it was a fun way to be outside and get a little messy, but be creative. I gave them plates with blue, green, and light blue paint. Each of them had a balloon, but we later switched to a potato cut in half for Holly, and they used those objects as their paintbrushes. The actually made the perfect circle shape to represent the Earth. Seeing the colors get swirled and mixed was so fun. And the kids just loved being able to kind of go crazy with paint. Of course the clean up started turning in to a shit show, as it always does with paint, but that’s why it’s washable!

Did you guys do any fun Earth Day celebrations?

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