In-home / in-expensive romantic date nights

April 26, 2017

I know that getting out of the house and going out for date night would be soooo amazing, but sometimes that’s just not ideal.

I’ve been compiling a fun little list [picture board on Pinterest] of some ways that we can still have date night in the house, but something more than just a movie and the couch. And honestly, some of these ideas have me way more excited than actually going out. Lucas and I have decided once a month [really trying for twice a month], that we’re committing to a date night with each other. This is sooo important in keeping that connection with your spouse, and making sure that you’re setting time aside to just be with each other.

My idea would be that each month we switch off on ideas of what to do. So, I’ve already started gathering up ideas for my pick months. Do you wanna know some of them?!! Ok, tell me which of these would be something you’d do at home too! [Some of these won’t be all at home, but the best part is they don’t cost a lot, which can also be a big factor in committing or not committing to date night]


Movie and Easy Fondue or Movie and Blanket Picnic
Dollar Store Date
Scavenger Hunt [I think that this could also be done in home with an in-home hunting list]
Chopped At Home
Picnic in the Car with a View
DIY Paint and Wine Night
Dinner Date Passport
Mini Golf At Home

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