Super Mom

May 8, 2017

Over the weekend poor little Logan came down with a 24 hour bug, he was running a fever of 102.4 and just sweating it out on the couch.

He slept most of Sunday, but in the moments that he would wake up, the only thing you could hear him say was “mama, mama, mama”. I’d get him a cold drink, a cool wet rag, and in his little sicky voice he’d just ask me to stay with him on the couch. And in that moment something in my head clicked. Even though I feel like a hot mess mom most days, in my kid’s eyes I am Super Mom.

It just got me thinking that so many times, us moms are so hard on ourselves, and we don’t realize the special super powers that we really do have.

A moms biggest super power is the ability to be selfless. This super power lets us put ourselves on the back burner, giving our kids the attention and love and support that they need to grow and flourish. The power to make the world completely better and ok with just a simple hug, or hand hold. The power to put anything back together [even if it takes a whole roll of tape]. Moms also have the super power of running on little to no sleep….college kids out partying ain’t got nothing on midnight nursing sessions, calming the fear of the monster under the bed, and cleaning up an over-peed diaper in the dark.

Or the ability to hold a baby in one arm, cook scrambled eggs with the other, while pushing the Thomas train through the kitchen with her feet.

Even trying to get a workout done in the living room with one kid trying to climb up your leg, while the other is begging for a hot chocolate, and another snack, and some different toys, and a blanket, and to open the squeeze pouch, and to turn on Paw Patrol.

What about the super power of masking the body stink of the 2-day unshowered body, because that extra 10 minutes of sleep is better than shaved legs and a bar of soap.

Moms, we can be our own worst critics. But, just remember, in those moments of feeling like you should be doing and not sitting, you should add one more thing to your to do list, and that maybe your house just might burn down to the ground today, that you are a Super Mom. You put the WOW in MOM, and moms can do things that no else can.

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1 Ryan | The Blessed Mess May 8, 2017 at 1:11 pm

This! You hit the nail on the head, girl! Mommin’ ain’t easy but someone’s gotta do it!


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