Kid Moments

May 15, 2017

I think one of my favorite things to do is to take pictures of my kids.

….getting them off my phone, saved, organized, and printed is a whole other story though. I think sometimes how much I miss the old film camera days. Pictures seemed to be a little more cherished, because you couldn’t snap 100 pictures of the exact same pose. You were more careful with what you took pictures of. You were sure to immediately take them to get printed, and having to wait the 2-3 days for processing was a killer [since who had the money to pay for 24 hour processing??]. It was easier to make picture albums and have pictures put in to frames. I’m hoping in the coming months to make that one of my goals.

Get more organized with my photos. Print them out regularly. Make photo books of our family growing. [of course, as I’m typing them I’m also trying to transfer the pictures off my phone to my computer and can’t even figure out how to create an album for them. And when I try to upload them to to make a picture book, it doesn’t let me access the “photos” application from my computer. Seriously. Why is this soooo hard?!!]

So, until I can figure out how the heck to use technology to just get back to the old days of picture albums, I figured I share a few of our moments on here.

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