DIY Bug Spray

May 23, 2017

I don’t even believe it, but we’re at the unofficial kick off to summer – MEMORIAL Day Weekend. [special Memorial Day offer at the bottom!]

I just can’t get over how fast this year is going. You realize that in like 3 months we’re gonna start seeing football coming back, and the little chitter chatter of holiday season approaching?? It’s so crazy.
Let’s not think about it!

Instead, let’s think about firing up the grill, turning on the sprinklers, filling up those kiddie pools, and busting out the popsicle molds. Cuz baby, it’s summer time!

If you’re like us, once that summer sun starts shining, we can’t get enough of being outside. But the most annoying part of being outdoors now is the constant smacking to get the bugs off your arms/legs/neck, and to try and keep from becoming bug food. To help with all that smacking, we’re making sure that we’re using a little homemade oil spray to keep us comfortable to irritant free.

What I love about this is that we don’t have to worry about anything in this little bottle being toxic or harmful. We just want to enjoy our summer and not really have to worry about all the things that we’re spraying and slathering on our skin. So, if you wanna make your own spray to limit the bug smacking in your own home, here’s the recipe:

DIY Bug Spray
20 citronella
10 lavender
10 eucalyptus radiata
5 patchouli
5 lemon
5 peppermint
Add in 1-2 oz witch hazel and 1-2 oz distilled water, to a 4-10oz spray bottle. Shake and spray on your skin before heading outside

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