Wellness Wednesday

June 7, 2017

Coming at you today with a Wellness Wednesday post!

I am loving the Young Living line up of kids bath and body products. You guys would be shocked to know that many of the items that we’re using on our little ones, day in and day out, are packed with chemicals…even though they read as “natural” or “chemical free”. I really encourage you to use the Think Dirty app and scan the three most commonly used bath and body items in your home. You’ll be b-l-o-w-n away!

We’re in the process of slowly changing out al of our household items to Young Living, because there’s just nothing else that compares!

We’ve been using the bath gel and shampoo for monnnnths now, and I can’t rave about them enough. A little goes a long way, so we’ve actually had these bottles for a long time now. And, I swear to you, as soon as we started using this shampoo, Holly’s hair really started growing in faster, but is so silky and smooth. The formula is so gentle that it doesn’t burn their eyes and doesn’t dry out their skin. Holly used to have really bad skin rashes and since changing our our bath products and fabric detergent, the rashes are gone and we’re not dealing any more with serious eczema break outs.

This was one of the first things that I ordered when I was introduced to Young Living, and I know now that we won’t ever go back to the other brands.

If you’re ready to get started on your own journey and see what essential oils and other Young Living products can do for you, I would love to help get you started on your own oil journey! This month, if you order your Premium Starter Kit, I am gifting you your own free bottle of Cedarwood oil….which is the one oil I use every.single.night to help my kids stay asleep through the night!! Email me at stephsbitebybite@gmail.com so we can talk about getting you started!

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