Getting ready for marathon training

June 12, 2017

Well, here it is! The start of my marathon training.

To say I’m a little nervous is an understatement, and to say I’m excited is hardly the right word. It’s been five years since I’ve trained for a marathon. My body has gone through three pregnancies since then….and life is in a totally different picture than it was back then.

In past marathon trainings I had switched most of my workouts to be strictly running. This time I’m actually changing that up. Partially because it’s too hard with my kids to focus on five days of running, and partially because I just want to keep some of my wright workouts in the mix.

Here’s my plan
Monday – Legs
Tuesday – Arms and short run [maybe with Holly in the jogging stroller]
Wednesday – Mid week run [starting a 5 miles and building up to 8 miles]
Thursday – Legs and HIIT
Friday – Arms and stretching
Saturday – Long run [starting at 11 miles and building to 20]
Sunday – Rest

Ready or not, 26.2 here I come!

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