Marathon Update

July 6, 2017

Well….about that Marathon.

Just as my first week of marathon training kicked off, I found myself experiencing a ton of hip, leg, and back pain. I don’t know if it’s just overuse of my muscles [since I’ve been running a lot and increasing my mileage through the spring]. Or if it’s my old running shoes that need to be replaced. Or if it’s a more serious problem.

I should be on week 4 of marathon training and right now I’m having a hard time even running 3-5 miles.

So, I’m pulling back on my runs right now and just letting my body take a little break.

I still have enough time to train and run the marathon if I start to bounce back. But, I’m trying to just listen to my body right now and be ok with the thought of not being able to run a marathon this year. I’ll keep you posted! [Obviously]

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