DIY Car Diffuser

July 7, 2017

You know I’m obsessed with essential oils right?

They’ve been such a God-send for us. Literally. And I use them non-stop throughout my day.

Well, a few days ago the kids were having some major emotions happening. Tantrums. Yelling. Crying. Overly hyper. At one point I thought my van was going to explode from the sheer chaos. I got to thinking that if I could just diffuse some oils while we’re driving in the van, and give everyone that little moment of peace [yes, my car rides are like my few moments to actually not have to do anything and have a few moments to myself…I thank seatbelts for that], that we might actually survive our day a little better.

But, I don’t have a car diffuser. And you know how it goes, when you have an idea like that, you can’t wait for something to be shipped to your house, even if you do have Amazon Prime and it will only take 2 days to ship. I needed it now.

I started digging through my junk drawer, ugh say a prayer when you dive in there. Low and behold I found a clothespin and thought this will have to do. Instant car diffuser.

You put a drop or two of oils right on the top of the clothespin, you might have to rub it in to the wood. Then clip that thing right on to your vent. Genius!! And totally brought the crazy level in my van down to a sing-song of Santa Clause is coming to town. Yup, Logan’s current favorite song.

And if you need a few ideas on which oils can help in moments like these:
-White Angelica
-Stress Away
-Peace and Calming

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