A few ways to beat the heat

July 10, 2017

When you live in the dessert and it’s summer and you’re fighting for shade, the heat can be the one thing that gets you.

Seeing my little ones with pink cheeks and saying how “fweaty” their forehead is, lets me know that we’re in need of a cool down. Logan has been telling me that he checked his temperature and it’s one-one-eight-five-twenty-nine-nine-nine, so that means it’s time to take a break from outside. Totally agree.

And while it’s sometimes easy to just throw on a movie, pass out the popcorn, and make a living fort [which is what we do 3 or 4 afternoons a week], there’s a few other fun ideas to help the kids cool down but keep your sanity too.

Here’s some of our favorites.

Make playdough and get out the cookie cutters, rolling pins, and plastic plates.

Set the kids in an empty bath tub and give them some washable paint and paint brushes

Make an indoor obstacle course — use whatever you have on hand….streamers, couch cushions, dinning room chairs, cut out shapes and have them navigate each by shape

Fill up the tub, give them a few balloons and some ice cream sandwiches

Make popsicles

Have an art lesson, using YouTube videos

And of course, if you wanna venture out, then a local spray park is sure to be a hit. But, even just turning on the sprinkler at home will work!

What are some fun ways you guys cool off and stay busy?


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