Day in the Life of an Oiler

July 23, 2017

So, yeah, I’m going to be the first to admit it. I’m an oil-addict.

My day starts off with oils, and ends with oils, and there’s a whole bunch of oils in between. Not only am I using oils, but Logan, Holly, and even Lucas have their own oils. Yup. The hubs is a full blown oil lover. I can’t even believe I’m typing those words. But, he’s sure to let me know when his favorites are starting to run low.

If you wanna see what a full day with us looks like as we use our oils, then here’s your chance!

Tuesday I’ll be sharing my whole day with you on a special Facebook group that I’ve created. I’ll be popping in through out the day via FB Live sharing all the amazing ways we’re using our oils. If you wanna join my Day in the Life of an Oiler, then join me HEREĀ

And, if you’re ready to get started on your own oil journey, then now’s the time! There’s no better moment to start fighting for your family’s health and wellness. We’re given the responsibility to be the gatekeepers of our family’s health. Unfortunately with the way companies are now allowed to market products now, it’s hard to know what’s safe and what’s not. I am doing everything in my willpower to make sure that I’m giving my family a fighting chance, and I wanna help you do the same for yours!

Let’s get oily together!! If you’re ready to get started on your oil journey, just go to HERE and use my ID number — 4003726. Then we can be oily friends for life!

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