End of Summer Book Review

August 28, 2017

I have had the same goal for months and months, on my goal sheet. Read 2 books in one month. I’ve been trying all summer long, and it’s been impossible.

I’ve been able to finish a book and then start another one, but not finish the second one in the same month.

Welp. Guess what?!! In this last month of summer, I did it!! August was my month, and I am so excited to have finished two [and maybe even three!!!] in this month!

My prime time for reading is when I nurse Holly. I’ve been trying to put down the phone, and pick up my nook, and it’s actually been working. It’s crazy how much I can actually get done if I focus on putting down the phone.

So, here’s a few of the books I’ve read this summer, that I really loved, and think you will too!

Lilac Girls

5 Second Rule

I Let You Go

Truly Madly Guilty

Who Moved My Cheese

Any books you’ve read this summer? I feel like I have a HUGE to-read list…..but won’t hurt to add a few more.

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