Wellness Wednesday

August 30, 2017

One of the hardest things with having a toddler and preschooler is when tummy pains happen.

Logan will tell me a lot now that his belly is hurting. But, who even knows what that means. Is it a belly ache, is he sick, did he eat too many yogurt raisins, did he not eat anything so he’s just hungry, does he just need to use the bathroom….I mean, the possibilities are endless. And he never knows the answer to any of these.

Holly also has her fair share of stomach issues, and I can tell based off of the count of dirty diapers and the type of poo in the dirty diaper. Yes, there’s definitely a “type” of poo, too. You’d be shocked.

Something that given me a huge one-up on all things related to kids and tummies is TummyGize. This oil is a blessing for all moms. Any time Logan is complaining of anything tummy related, I just put a drop on his belly, and the belly-aching [literally and figuratively] is gone. It’s an oil blend by Young Living that’s already pre-dilluted. So you don’t have to do any guessing on how to use it! LOOOOOVE. Just open the top, put a drop or two in the belly button and that’s it.

You can even diffuse it. I’ve done that a few times with Holly. Now that she’s cutting molars, something about new teeth totally messes with these little baby bellies. I’ll put a couple drops in the diffuser and just diffuse in her room at nap time or bedtime and it helps so much.

This is one oil I’m super happy to have in my arsenal, and one that’s used on an almost regular basis!

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