Friday Favorites

September 1, 2017

Things around here have been nothing short of a shit show. Just saying.

My husband is doing some long, serious work for our family, and has been working late these last few days. So, I feel like I’m pretending to be single-parenting it, and My hat goes off to all you single mamas out there. This is no freaking joke. I’m more exhausted than ever. My to do list feels like it’s a mile long and growing by the minute. Netflix has been a nightly routine, just so that I can go to the bathroom and brush my teeth. Haven’t showered in two days, and at this point I kind of just want to live off peanut butter and jelly.

So, to give me some motivation and let my brain think about something more fun than poop in the underwear, bubbles spilled in the carpet, finger paint being eaten, here’s some Friday Favorites to take us in to the holiday weekend!¬†

Give us all the soft¬†chocolate chip cookies….and making cookies has been such a great way to keep us busy in the middle of the day.

Is it wrong that I want to own a leopard print dress? And that I could have Holly match me!

We’ve been doing some science experiments this week. The kids love doing activities like this, and since I have a huge Costco bag of baking soda, I’m totally ok with trying out a new activity each week!

Sounds crazy, but who’s been watching the UniBomber Series? Whoa!! It’s sooo good.

I’ve recently fallen in love with Lynzy and her blog Lynzy and Co. Her style is to die for, she just had a new little baby boy, and I can’t stop watching her IG Stories.

aaaaaannnnnnd are you ready for some football???!!!! [and all things pumpkin spice?]


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