How to survive the mountains with kids

September 5, 2017

For Labor Day weekend we went on a trip with some friends up in to the mountains.

3 days. 6 kids under 5. Only 5 adults [yes, I was the singled-out adult]. And we all made it out alive, with no fights, no injuries, and actually wanting to come back again.

How’d we do it?

Prayer. I mean really, I prayed so hard the whole drive up the mountains that we would all be able to have a great trip and just enjoy each other.

Activities. Can’t live without activities. We went out exploring a lot. Just on walks around the cabin area, down to a little stream, over to a lake. But we also made sure to bring some city-life activity things, like play dough, glow stick bracelets, magnifying glasses, and Connect Four.

Parent power. There’s something about parenting that’s a little easier when you’ve got more parents around. And more kids for that matter. They’re all able to play with each other and keep themselves entertained.

Beer. Yep. Once the kids were in bed, the adult games came out. And a few sips of cider beer were had.

Movies. Even though we were out in the woods, our cabin had a DVD player, and you better believe that we had “rest time” where everyone was required to just sit and watch Trolls or Sing.

Letting go. This would be my biggest tip. And granted, there were moments when I didn’t take this advice for myself. Letting the frustration and rambunctiousness of the kids get to me. But, I suddenly realized that this is where the memories are made. And these little kids don’t really get the chance to do these things very often. So, sleeping 4 preschoolers in a room all together could’ve been a disaster. But, once we all kind of let go of our expectation of them “needing” to go to bed, then it just made things a whole lot easier.

This will be a trip I will cherish in my heart for years and years to come. Because, I’m now at the stage of life that I can remember me being the little one and the fun I would have, and now getting to see that in my own babies’ eyes. Finding horny toads, walking in streams together, hearing their laughs and giggles, watching them out exploring. It’s what life is all about.

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1 stefanie September 6, 2017 at 10:33 pm

Best family trip ever!


2 Steph September 8, 2017 at 6:05 am

Couldn’t agree more!! I think we should make it an “every 6 month goal” to get away as our family tribe!


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