Pre-workout Snacks and Supplements

September 11, 2017

Happy Monday and what better way to kick off the week than by getting on the right track with our workouts.

Yes. It’s obviously important to have kind of a general idea of what your workouts for the week are going to be. At least for me, that’s what I like to do. Sunday night I kind of plan out my workout week. Typically trying to get two leg workouts in, an arm day in, and two cardio days, then one day of either more arms or HIIT or yoga.

But, aside from just planning your workouts, and then doing them, you want to make sure that you’re fueled for them. I know that some people say not to eat before a workout and then there’s other things that say eat before a workout. I think you need to kind of do what’s best for you. And for me, I’ve found that I always need a little bit of something in my belly. I mean lets get real. I wake up hangry….so to do a full workout without any type of food is almost death for me.

I’m not saying to eat a whole meal, but your body sometimes needs a little juice, know what I mean?

Here’s a few things that I love to use for my pre-workout snacks and supplements
-a quarter to half a banana with a tsp of nut butter
-a date with a tsp of nut butter
-half a rice cake with a tsp of nut butter and a few raisins or cranberries
-half of a protein drink or protein bar [I love AdvoCare’s VO2Prime bar particularly for workouts]
-handful of nuts with a few apple slices

ALWAYS drinking Spark and Rehydrate before/during my workouts
Catalyst is a must too, helps burn that fat and get rid of cellulite

So, now that we’ve talked snacks to get ready for your workout, tell me — what workout are you doing today? And how did you fuel up for your workout?

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