Terrible [early] twos

September 18, 2017

Someone send help.

Holly is only 18 months old and already is displaying some serious terrible two behavior. Some days I don’t even know what to do or how to snap her out of it. And honestly, I don’t even know if it’s terrible two behavior. I just know that after she wakes up from her nap, from about 3:30 – 6pm she is just a seriously grumpy and moody child.

She cries for no reason at all. And the crying ramps up in to an all out fit. She doesn’t want anything, I try to hold her and she starts swinging her arms and pretty much hitting me. Anything I offer her she bats away in a rage. If I put her down she slumps down to the floor screaming, then following me around the house with her blankie.

This has been throwing me for a major loop, because Logan never really did this….or if he did I don’t remember it [and thank goodness I don’t]. She gets in to these unstoppable screaming crying episodes a lot. When we drop Logan off at school, she wants to play with everything. When I tell her no the first fit starts, and then it gets even worse as we’re walking out of the school, because she wants to stay and play. So the whole drive home she’s just screaming her head off.

I know that these fits are coming because there’s something that she wants and she’s not getting it. Sometimes I know what that want is, and other times I totally missed the cue. I just feel helpless in the moment, because it’s something that I can’t just snap my fingers and fix for her.

Anyone have any tantrum help-ing advice?

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