Wellness Wednesday – Mom brain survival

September 20, 2017

Do you live in a cloud?
And I don’t mean like the rainbows and unicorn cloud.
I mean like the mom-brain-fog cloud.
The one that just takes over the entire day.
Clouds up that to-do list.
Has you wondering if you’ve even brushed your teeth today.
Honestly, I have that thought ALL the time….and can’t really remember what the right answer is.

I never experienced mom brain so badly. I mean I thought pregnancy brain was horrible. But, no. This is way worse. And the older the kids get [and the more that come, I’m sure] the worse it gets.

So. To help keep me out of the cloud, I’ve been diffusing Clarity and Peppermint. Ohhhh man, sooo good. These two oils help to bring about focus, mental clarity, and release of that tension from feeling like there’s just too much to do. Hello focus power. I’m also trying really hard to write things down as they pop in my head. A fellow mom friend of mine gave me a GENIUS tip. She keeps a sticky note, the larger one, like the size of her phone, in her purse or pocket. And that way, at the grocery store checkout when that random thing pops in her head, she just writes it down really fast. Throughout the day she crosses off things that get done. But that night, she sits down and gets out a new sticky note. She puts her top three things that must get done, and then also transfers over everything from the list she had today, to tomorrow’s sticky note. Is that not like so super smart?!!

I am horrible at putting things in my phone. Let’s get real, I’ve twice now, showed up to kid’s doctors appointments a week early and a week late. And since I basically carry around my entire house in my purse, the last thing I need is my huge planner. So this whole sticky note idea is going to save me a lot of stress and forgetfulness.

What are some of your mom brain survival tips?

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