Balloon Fiesta

October 9, 2017

One thing we are so lucky to have here out in the desert of New Mexico is Balloon Fiesta!!

Something that is on most people’s bucket list [and here’s a hint, if it’s not on yours, it needs to be]. Hundreds of balloons fill our Albuquerque sky for a full week. It somethings that just fills a little hole in your heart that you didn’t even know was there. Seriously. I can’t describe it better than that.

I have been going to Balloon Fiesta since I was little and now to be bringing my own kids to it, and seeing the sheer excitement on their face is just memorizing to me. I see so much of me in them and it makes me fall even more in love with the balloon fiesta.

Holly jumped at the first burner that was ignited, but then wanted them to do “mor”. Each balloon that would lift off, she would waive and say “bit, bit” to them. And Logan loved just running around getting all the balloon cards and shaking hands with all the zebras [total ballon fiesta lingo here].

We got to fill our bellies with hot cocoa, cinnamon rolls, breakfast burritos, and balloon after balloon after balloon.

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