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October 11, 2017

Let’s talk pre-schooler chores.

Now that Logan is big and grown, he is obsessed with helping me do my “work”. Yup. He calls my house cleaning my work. Not sure if I should be proud of that or disappointed. But, that’s not what we’re trying to figure out today.

Since he’s so in to all of the dusting and laundry and wiping and sweeping, I wanna make sure that I’m encouraging it on all fronts. Maybe it will keep him motivated to so chores just a little bit longer? —Probably not, but that’s what I’m telling myself—and hey, while I can get an extra set of hands helping me, I’m going to take it for all it’s worth!

One thing that I used to get super nervous about was the cleaning products themselves. Having Logan spraying bleach infused cleaner himself, and trying to wipe countertops just never seemed right. Because, you know how little kids are. They spray the cleaner, wipe half of it with their hands and the other half with their rag. But in between that wiping, they’re eating raisins, or rubbing their eyes, or picking their nose, and yep…they still have the bleach infused spray on their hands.

So I used to be the cleaning control person, I would spray, and he could wipe, but I had to be right there watching him and making sure he wasn’t doing anything else but wiping. I mean, it would’ve just been easier if I was doing it by myself, since I’m now policing Logan on how to clean.

And then, Thieves Household Cleaner came in to my life. And boom. Cleaning freedom! There’s no harsh or toxic chemicals to worry about. Thieves is amazing with a capital AMAZING at killing germs. And, the cleaning police badge got thrown in the trash. Logan can literally go to town spray and wiping and eating raisins and picking his nose, and I don’t have to worry about a single drop being harmful to him. I mean, the back of the bottle says “drink plenty of water if ingested”…does your cleaner say that? [my old one didn’t either, and that’s why it’s in the trash can now].

The other great thing about Thieves is that it last FOREVER, and I can use it in sooo many ways.
Here’s some of the ways we use Thieves Household Cleaner
-Fruit and Veggie wash
-All purpose spray
-Car interiors
-Ring cleaner
-Phone cleaner
-Toy disinfector
-Towel refreshener
-Mattress Spray
-Trash can cleaner
-Window washer
-Toilet bowls
and the list goes on and on!

Seriously, this is one of the best things I’ve ever done for my home and my chore list!

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