Halloween Sugar Cookies

October 27, 2017

When you tell your kids that we’re going to make Halloween cookies, you better have a recipe that you can act on fast. Because, believe me, making kids wait for dough to chill in the freezer, is like the purest form of torture known to mankind. I swear, if I ever have to hear a “can’t we just make the cookies yet??” I’m going to cookie cut my own self.

I stumbled across a no-chill sugar cookie dough recipe that totally saved my life! And turned my sugar cookie cooking making process in to a two hour project instead of a two day process. And with preschoolers time is of the essence.

These cookies are perfect now for the holiday season, and there’s not better activity than giving your kids a rolling pin, some cookie cutters, and store bought frosting with sprinkles. Logan would’ve spent all day rolling and cutting if I would’ve let him. To make them more geared towards Halloween, we did add a couple drops of Tangerine Oil in to the dough.

Soft, buttery, and melt in your mouth yummy. You need these cookies!!

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