Movie Theatre Survival with Young Kids

October 31, 2017

This weekend we ventured out to the movies theatre with the kids, and we survived!

We haven’t taken them to the movie theatre in over a year…last winter I took them both by myself, Holly was about 8 months old and Logan was 3 1/2 and it turned in to an utter shit show. So, I decided the movie theatre needed to wait a little bit.

With reinforcements with me this time [the hubs] we set out to give it a shot again. And it actually didn’t go so bad. It was the last 15 minutes that the kids starting getting a little antsy, but over all I would give us an B+. I thought that I could share some movie theatre survival tips with you.

  1. Never go alone. Seriously. With more than 1 kids, you need reinforcements, in case one kid has to go to the bathroom. Packing up all your movie theater seats is no fun. It if the younger one starts to get fussy, one person can go in the lobby, while the other stays with the older one.
  2. Always have popcorn, but wait until the movie starts to go out and get it. If you get the popcorn when you come in, the kids will have it eaten before the movie even starts. And when the popcorn runs out, that’s when the wiggling starts.
  3. Bring extra snacks and drinks. You just never know—and you don’t wanna spend $100 on movie snacks. I brought fruit leather, raisins, granola bars, and water bottles.
  4. Be ok with them not sitting in their seat the whole time and making a little noise. They’re kids…duh…sitting for two hours quietly is not going to happen. And if other people get upset, too bad.
  5. You might not make it to the end of the movie, and that’s ok too. That’s why I suggest going to the dollar movie. It’s much easier to be ok with walking out early and knowing you gave it you, when it only cost you a couple dollars.
  6. Look at the run time of the movie and gauge accordingly. SING was like 1hr45min long, and I tried to do that all on my own, the first few weeks that it had come out. So, I got there early to get a decent seat, and then picked a movie that was almost 2 hours long with previews. BIG MISTAKE. This time we picked Cars 3, only like 1hr15min, and it wasn’t a brand new movie.
  7. Pick a movie that’s entertaining, and appeals to your kids. Cars 3 had no songs in it, so my kids started to get restless, and it’s kind of a hard storyline for little kids to follow. But, something like Trolls or Moana that has a lot of singing really captures their attention.

Have you taken your kids to the movie? Any tips you can share???

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