Holly: Toddler Milestones

November 6, 2017

I think I just started realizing that I don’t really do any individual posts about my kids. [and more so Holly] Dang that second child syndrome!
—-would you guys like to see more individual kid updates?

Let’s talk about little Holly Girl.

Missy Poo [as we call her] is 20 months old! I can hardly even believe I’m saying that, and even more shocked that I will be planning her birthday party in a few months….not sure how to beat the unicorn party.

She’s just the sweetest little thing, unless she’s teething, which we’re just about done with. But, she will just sit on your lap all day long, or let you hold her all day long. She’s way more cuddly than Logan ever was. And even though she’s super sweet, she’s also super shy. She isn’t wild and crazy like her brother.

Her favorite thing to do right now is to go on the slides at the park, water activities,  and to paint. She is so proud of herself that she can go down the big slides all by herself now. She claps every time when she gets to the bottom. She loves to dig in the dirt too, something her and Logan will sit outside forever and do together. Dancing and playing hide and seek are an everyday occurrence. She also would live her life as a couch potato if we would let her — Moana and Peppa Pig are her jams.

She is starting to talk more.
“mo” more
“bite-bie” bye bye
“nun” blankie
“mum” dad
“boon” balloon
“moom” moon
“nack” snack

She can do the noises of a kitty, dog, elephant, dinosaur, and lion. And she can recognize that there’s a certain number of things. Like, if I tell her, how many pumpkins, she’ll point to each one she sees. We also think she’s gonna be a lefty!

Reading books is huge for her right now. And she’s starting to pretend play tea parties and kitchen, which of course is making my heart explode! And girlfriends loves all things shoes.

She’s definitely Logan’s little tag-along….she wants to be doing everything he is doing.

….and is the only child I know that actually will come and tell you that she’s ready to take a nap.

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