Gingerbread Houses

December 13, 2017

Logan has been begging me to buy a Gingerbread house kit every time we go to Target. He even thought he’d be tricky, when I asked him what kind of Christmas cookies we should make, he said “gingerbread men, so that they can live in the gingerbread house”. Oh geez!

Well, I have been struggling with our budgeting. Really trying to be better about not over spending, or just spending on silly things [like a gingerbread house]. So, I figured that we didn’t need to spend the $15 on the gingerbread house, when I’ve got graham crackers from Costco and left over frosting in the baking bin.

This turned out to be super easy, and Logan was shocked that I could create out own gingerbread house right at home. He kept asking me “but how did you get this stuff for the gingerbread house mom? I just love it”. Oh lord, please let him stay so appreciative.

I was able to blast some Christmas music while the kids decorated, danced, and snuck fingertips full of frosting and sprinkles. Are you making Gingerbread houses this year [and totally not knocking you for buying it at Target!]

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